The sick house!

I feel like I should be writing an apology post.

For the past few months I’m back and then gone and back and gone and the real reason? There’s 2. When I started Scentsy I had no idea how much work it would be! It has been to the point where I missed Evie’s first roll over because I was replying to a potential customer on my phone. Jon gets in at night and tells me to put my phone down. I’ve worked so so hard since September, harder than I ever worked in a 8.30-5.30 job and I’m trying to find that balance between Scentsy, blogging and life. I’ll get there but I definitely need you all to bear with me whilst I get into the swing of it all!

Second reason…. teething & bugs. This past month we’ve been plagued with 2 colds, 2 stomach bugs, a reaction to a teeny bit of a biscuit that had milk in (which sent us backwards again) and also teething. We’ve had reflux galore & ive been so busy nursing Jon and Evie that I’ve forgotten to even look in the mirror and wash my face some days.

 On the subject of teething though, I have a blog post on its way about what’s worked and what hasn’t for us to help ease teething pain! Along with the Organix review of porridge/ baby rice. 

And guess what?! ITS CHRISTMAS THIS WEEK! That means a whole LOAD of reviews on toys and goodies that Santa brings Evie.

I’m due a 7 month update on our little cherub too, so I’ll pop that up this week too. Here’s a pic to show you the attitude I’m dealing with….. “mummy, this is my chair. I want to lie on it and drink my milk in peace. None of this I’ll sit you on my lap stuff, just let me sit alone. And pick my bottle up when I drop it too because you know it’s too heavy for me to hold” 


6 Months old – Evie update

Wait one minute…. 6 MONTHS? Really? Like, half a year 6 months? I’m almost certain that time has fast forward like back to the future. I’m not sure i’m ready to commit to saying that my little girl is growing up to be a big girl and that she’ll be crawling, walking, talking, arguing back and all sorts within what will feel like days.

I originally made a draft blog post, decided not to post it, then posted it to my personal facebook instead. I’m not sure why on earth I didn’t write it here in the end, but I should have!

So here it is, a little look back at our journey so far. Go grab yourself a cuppa, maybe some tissues, a nice comfy blanket too. You’ll thank me after!

2 years ago today we were told that if me and Jon wanted a child we would have to have donor egg IVF treatment. What’s more, we would only have one chance one the NHS. If our one cycle failed we would have to pay upwards of ¬£9,000 to have another go. We knew beforehand that we would need IVF, but had no idea that a donor would be needed.

On that day for the first time I hated my cancer journey. I hated what it had done to my body and that I was still seeing the aftermath of it 7 years later.

EXACTLY 2 years to the day, our beautiful little girl is 6 months old. 6 months today! Throughout my pregnancy I worried about bonding. What if I couldn’t bond because she wasn’t considered genetically mine?
Well today I am sat with my partner in crime, albeit she is grumpy with a cold and teething but she’s here, she’s safe, and she is just perfect.
I started my business recently because realistically, we won’t have enough money to afford IVF to give Evie a sibling if I stay in a 40 hour job going nowhere fast. If that is the case, I want to be able to work from home and spend as much time as I can with our only child. I don’t want to work 9-5, come home tired and exhausted and have the ‘can’t wait until bedtime’ attitude. I want to earn money for IVF, I want to stay home with our child and I want to donate money to various charities that have helped me throughout the years. I want to LIVE life.

I am so so proud and thankful of Jon for standing by me through the breakdowns from family/friends pregnancy announcements, hospital visits, monthly negative tests and more importantly for being the most amazing father who Evie will grow up admiring. He is more of a man than most men dream to be.

And thank you to my mum for always supporting me through everything even when you don’t understand something, and for taking me to our most important consultations too. If I am just half the mother to Evie that you are to me I will be ecstatic.

I can’t thank Nurture Fertility (and James Hopkisson, he’s still helping me at hospital to this day!) for giving us hope. For explaining everything in the fog of infertility, for the laughter, the cries and the sheer support they gave us all the way. I will always remember they day our little Evie embryo was transferred to me. We saw this tiny spec of cells on one screen and had an ultrasound of my womb on another and even with my legs in the air strapped into stirrups, all whilst in front of a man who had a big tube and all sorts of equipment lined up ūüôą, we giggled, wowed, and almost cried! The amount of support is unbelievable, even as an NHS customer.

To anybody who sees this and is struggling like we did for so many years, remember that it is completely normal to feel disheartened with pregnancy announcements & it is normal for jealousy to feel overwhelming. It is normal to want to hide away and even to decline baby shower invites or meeting friends with children because it mentally hurts. Nothing anyone says or does will make you feel better, but NEVER give up hope. I really believe that my positivity played a massive part in our successful IVF.
Dreams CAN come true, no matter how far away they seem.

This is my dream come true. I feel like I am complete again. I feel like I am able to fully enjoy my life (although i’m also yearning for a sibling for Evie!). She is my dream come true, and I make it my sole mission to give her the best in life, to enable her to see the good in this world, and to make her realise just how special she is every day of her life. 
I love you so much my little munchkin xx


I have had a few messages on Instagram and a few emails asking if I am ok. 

IM SORRY! I know I have been MIA a little bit and there have been 2 reasons why.

1) We re-challenged Evie on ‘Normal’ formula….which ended in pain, eczema flare ups, sleepless nights, the works. That + teething has just been crazy. It took a week to settle down and if I’m honest I felt like I had no time for myself as I was always tending to Evie, poor thing! She was re-challenged 2 weeks ago and only yesterday did she improve!

2) I have started up a little business. It’s a Scentsy business. This has taken up so so much time these past 2 weeks, I’ve been working part time hours just training! You never realise how much time labels, business cards and information sheets will take to design. If anyone is in the UK and wants a nosy feel free to check out my FB page here or my website here

After I’ve explained my reasons….I’m back!! I’ll be doing reviews of Organix porridge, weaning updates, a review of our pushchair system from Silver Cross and all sorts in the next 2 weeks, so please stay with me!

Change of name update

For anyone who has followed me from the start, I promised that I would pop a new post up once my name is changed.

I will still do this, but just a heads up that¬† it’ll obviously be changing to Along Came a Baby. I have purchased the domain for this to make it a website and just need to do all the technical bits on wordpress to make it an official web address linked with my blog. It’s a little more technical than you may think.

I’m hoping to do this within the next 2 weeks so keep your eyes peeled as you won’t be seeing a baby one day popping up on your reader anymore! ūüôā

Marisha x

A Day in the Life – Weekend

I thought i’d do a little post that lists the things we get up to on a normal weekend day.
I’ll warn you beforehand…. this isn’t that interesting! I would have loved to start up vlogging but I just don’t have enough confidence to do that right now.
For any parents that wonder if it’s common to want to sit at home all weekend when you have a young baby- I can guarantee all parents have weekends where they do not want to do anything but stay in pjs and cuddle.

I have added some pretty pictures to go along with the things we do, to make it a teeny bit more interesting.

I will start off in the morning….

7.10am¬†– Evie’s tossing & turning so I get up and make her bottle before she’s fully awake, so that she doesn’t wake Jon up. Here’s my morning set up! a cooler bag with cold boiled water, a flask of hot water, formula dispenser & her bottle.


I get this gorgeous smile when I go to change her nappy!

I attempt to write the outline of a blog post on my phone whilst i’m feeding her.

8.30am – Pop Evie down and find an outfit for her.

8.39am – I’d have taken a pic of the above but someone decided that today is a sicky day and sicked up on it within seconds of changing her. You¬†do not want to see a pic of this!

9.00am – Evie has refused a nap. Not uncommon at all nowadays! Bring her down to have playtime in the Jumperoo. Daddy wakes up halfway through so decides to play with her.

9.33am – Jon keeps Evie entertained in her Jumperoo

img_0893                                   I hang the washing out & put another load on to wash.

9.56am – Change Evie’s top as shes sicked up all over the other one. Jon changes her this time

9.57am – Wow! We got all the boxes out of the attic last night and left them in her nursery. I can’t stand to see the mess any longer so I seal them up. Look at the mess!


10.02am – Evie is tired. YAAAYYY NAPTIME!

10.08am – Bring down the attic boxes so that we don’t wake Evie up, and seal them downstairs. Why is tape so friggin’ loud?! We may as well have done it upstairs!

10.41am – Attic boxes DONE. Make myself breakfast as Jon never eats brekky.

11am – Take boxes back upstairs and pass them up to Jon in the loft


11.40am РThe creature has awoken! Time for feed. It turns out she can also hold her own bottle now! Since when did she start to become all independent?!

12.07pm – Entertain Evie pie. We actually got her bouncer out of the loft…. we bought it when she was newborn she was way too small for it. Now she’s too big! Whoops! But she likes the tiger haha.


12.20pm – Change Evie again as she’s sicked up all over her clothes. Again… you do not want to see that!

13.35pm- Jon decides to take Evie to the shop for a walk. He doesn’t get much Evie time at all as he works so much so at the weekends I try to let him have as much time as he wants to spend with her. This includes feeding/changing/bathing etc.


15.25pm – Jon wants to feed Evie. I won’t complain! Look at her face!!


15.50pm – Put peas on to steam & blend using the Tommee Tippee steam & blend. PS this thing is amazing. I’ll be reviewing soon!


16.00pm – Sit down for lunch. Yep…. ‘lunch’

16.20pm – Pop some more washing out while daddy plays with Evie


17.02pm – Jon decides to take Evie for a bath tonight – first time in a while he gets to really enjoy bathtime with her alone. Look at that chubs! I put next load of washing on. Am I just doing the washing today or what?! Evie goes for a nap after this.


17.04pm – Put steamed & pureed peas into ice cube tray


17.06pm – Noticed that Jon left a mess…. doh! Clean this up then hoover & steam clean the floor

17.50pm – Make some stilton & broccoli soup. I’ve missed this!


18.00pm – Evie wakes up from nap so daddy goes to get her

18.15pm – Make Evie her bottle ready for when she wants it.
18.20pm – Egg Evie on as she’s trying to roll onto her front. GO ON GIRLY!! The amount of determination and concentration on her face is crazy. Maybe she’ll finally do it tonight!
18.40pm – She finally managed it! Well, with a little bit of help. I then cry because she’s
crying that she did it.
18.43pm – I finish soup while Jon feeds Evie.I’d take a pic of this but I managed to blitz green soup all over the kitchen. It.went.everywhere.
19.00pm – Play with Evie on her playmat.
19.28pm – Bring the washing in. I have a pic of this but i’m not going to lie… it is literally just a pile of washed clothes.
19.30pm – Play with Evie again & change her nappy and clothes
20.10pm – Put Evie to bed. Nanight little one!
20.20pm – Make tea. It’s late so we just decided on pasta, cheese & sausages.
20.40pm – Begin writing a new blog post.
21.09pm – Serve tea and finish blog post


23.20pm – Get bottle, flask & formula ready for tomorrow morning. This is our general set up for the first morning feed as Evie sleeps through the night now, thankfully.


Evie’s 4 Month Update¬†

Evie turned 4 months old yesterday. Where on earth has my tiny little sleepy cherub gone?!

No one ever told me that they literally grow overnight. You wake up one day & you think “but you fit into this yesterday!”. The first couple of times it happens have you confused and scratching your head as to whether the lack of sleep and new 24 hour job has just made you lose it and maybe this jacket hasn’t ever fit her. I can assure you this is not the case! They’re like Elves working at night behind the scenes. Anyway the point of that is, she’s bloomin’ 4 months old!!

She has very¬†almost outgrown her carrycot. She sits in her seat unit good as gold but slips to the side a little so i’m getting my use out of the carrycot while I can.
She has started to grab things (much to Larry the Lion’s dispair!) , try to hold her bottle and has started to belly laugh! Her personality really is coming out and it seems like she’s as bossy and stubborn as me…. I feel so sorry for Jon!

She’s recently discovered the wide range of wailing (but not crying) noises she can do and she does her best to let the neighbours hear this too. Nothing like being proud! It’s currently all day every day.

If we stand her up she comes up to my knees. She’s going to be tall! Me and Jon were always meant to be tall but chemo stunted out growth, so she’s going to tower us!

Yesterday I put the side of her Next2me crib up. I’m not going to lie I had a little cry. I used to wake up and stroke her head, or hold her hand, or put my hand on her belly. I can’t do that now and although i’m excited for her growing up I just really do not want her to grow. I want her to be my baby forever and i’m sad that I feel it’s the end of an era. But I know she’ll always be mummy’s girl and our friendship will grow with her.

I got her weighed 3 weeks ago and she was 14lb15oz. She is definitely over 15lb5oz now…. she’s so heavy! I can’t imagine holding her as a toddler on my hips but I guess you just get used to the weight.

She is the happiest, giggliest, cutest baby girl I have ever met. Me and Jon love her so so much and although Bella doesn’t show it, we think she loves her too!

I’ll end with a few photos from this past month ūüôā




Baby Items I Regret Buying

Every new mum I have known has spent a lot of their pregnancy buying cute little outfits, all the bits and bobs that bloggers say are their hands down life savers, and then baby arrives and they find that some of the stuff doesn’t work for them! Truth is, babies aren’t robots and won’t conform to the ‘standard’…. unfortunately for us we have to learn as we go along!

As a follow on from the newborn must haves post I wrote the other day, I thought I would also write something that details some of the items that I kind of regret spending money on.

  1.   Nappy Bin

    I bought a nappy bin for upstairs to use when she’s taking her naps rather than bring her downstairs. Although I do actually quite like it, it takes up a bit of space in our already small room and it also only holds 18 nappies. It’s advertised as holding 28 size 3 nappies…. no chance!

  2.  Changing Unit/ Dresser

    We got bought one of these, so although it isn’t something I regret buying, I regret not asking them to buy us something else we really needed at the same price. The bath was great for the first 3 weeks, but then Evie outgrew it as it has a big ‘seat’ bit in the middle that she kept sliding off which meant her legs were all scrunched up at the end, and she kept pulling the plug out. Cue water spewing all over our bedroom carpet…. more than once! We do use the changing unit bit and use the storage bits to put all her bathing stuff in, but the bath element seems a bit redundant now.

  3.  Johnsons Baby Products / Fragranced Products

    We made the mistake of going a bit Johnsons mad and bought loads of the stuff, along with other fancy, nice smelling baby soap and bath bubbles. Evie developed Eczema and has quite dry skin and we found that anything really perfumed really flared it up so we had to stop using them. I have used them myself *ahem* I love the smell *ahem*. Definitely don’t buy a whole load of baby bath products, maybe get one of a few different types to try.

  4. Electric Breastpump

    This again got bought for me, but I feel bad because I only used it for about 2 weeks before I gave up breastfeeding due to Evie’s jaundice. I wish I’d have bought a manual one to start with then invested in the electric one I wanted if we got established.

  5. Blankets

    Oh man, the blankets! You walk into Evie’s nursery and look under her cot and I’m kidding you not, the WHOLE of the drawer underneath is choc full of blankets. It’s that bad that I have forgotten what blankets are actually under there. I discovered the other day that we actually have 2 of the exact same blanket. How on earth did that happen?! Evie absolutely hates anything on her legs, blankets especially. So until she’s older these wont really be used except when they’re forced on her and she can’t move her legs!

  6. Swaddle Wrap

    We bought an expensive, velcro, snazzy swaddle wrap. Guess how many times she has worn it? Zero. She hated it. As a newborn she would have rather been wrapped in her cellular, and even then she’d want her arms or her legs out. This wrap was no use to us as much as I wanted it to be.

  7. Neutral Coloured Toys

    This won’t be the same for all babies, but Evie had absolutely no interest in anything beige, brown or white. I really didn’t want garish greens, blue’s, red’s & yellows but I had to eat my words and I’m glad I did. We bought her a playmat and a sit me up from Mothercare which she has literally never used. We have a colourful gym & a bouncer that she fell in love with, same with the toys that came with it. I’ll be getting the sit me up out again now she’s nearly 4 months and can sit up well.

  8. Boppy Pillow

    One sentence. Ain’t nobody my size gonna fit one of those round their waist.

  9. First Month Outfits

    We bought a few outfits aged up to one month, and some even newborn. You can totally get away with dressing your baby in some really nice quality sleepsuits/vests for the first 2 months at least! We only dressed Evie in one or 2 outfits during her first month and the rest are now in storage.

  10. 0-3 Month Clothes

    Obviously I don’t mean I regret buying them. I regret buying as many as I did! She didn’t wear all the bits I bought her as she is so long she quickly outgrew most of them before 3 months! If we ever manage to have another child, I’ll buy a few 0-3 months but also buy a lot of bigger sized clothes too, because at the moment as it stands now we have a day’s worth of 6-9 and 9-12 month clothing for her.

  11. Mittens

    Ugh, I bought LOADS of mittens. I never used them. They were way too big for her little hands to keep on and I found that if I bought sleepsuits with the mittens on, they stayed on perfectly.


Is there anything you regret buying for your little one? Let me know in the comments below!