Evie’s 4 Month Update 

Evie turned 4 months old yesterday. Where on earth has my tiny little sleepy cherub gone?!

No one ever told me that they literally grow overnight. You wake up one day & you think “but you fit into this yesterday!”. The first couple of times it happens have you confused and scratching your head as to whether the lack of sleep and new 24 hour job has just made you lose it and maybe this jacket hasn’t ever fit her. I can assure you this is not the case! They’re like Elves working at night behind the scenes. Anyway the point of that is, she’s bloomin’ 4 months old!!

She has very almost outgrown her carrycot. She sits in her seat unit good as gold but slips to the side a little so i’m getting my use out of the carrycot while I can.
She has started to grab things (much to Larry the Lion’s dispair!) , try to hold her bottle and has started to belly laugh! Her personality really is coming out and it seems like she’s as bossy and stubborn as me…. I feel so sorry for Jon!

She’s recently discovered the wide range of wailing (but not crying) noises she can do and she does her best to let the neighbours hear this too. Nothing like being proud! It’s currently all day every day.

If we stand her up she comes up to my knees. She’s going to be tall! Me and Jon were always meant to be tall but chemo stunted out growth, so she’s going to tower us!

Yesterday I put the side of her Next2me crib up. I’m not going to lie I had a little cry. I used to wake up and stroke her head, or hold her hand, or put my hand on her belly. I can’t do that now and although i’m excited for her growing up I just really do not want her to grow. I want her to be my baby forever and i’m sad that I feel it’s the end of an era. But I know she’ll always be mummy’s girl and our friendship will grow with her.

I got her weighed 3 weeks ago and she was 14lb15oz. She is definitely over 15lb5oz now…. she’s so heavy! I can’t imagine holding her as a toddler on my hips but I guess you just get used to the weight.

She is the happiest, giggliest, cutest baby girl I have ever met. Me and Jon love her so so much and although Bella doesn’t show it, we think she loves her too!

I’ll end with a few photos from this past month 🙂





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