I have had a few messages on Instagram and a few emails asking if I am ok. 

IM SORRY! I know I have been MIA a little bit and there have been 2 reasons why.

1) We re-challenged Evie on ‘Normal’ formula….which ended in pain, eczema flare ups, sleepless nights, the works. That + teething has just been crazy. It took a week to settle down and if I’m honest I felt like I had no time for myself as I was always tending to Evie, poor thing! She was re-challenged 2 weeks ago and only yesterday did she improve!

2) I have started up a little business. It’s a Scentsy business. This has taken up so so much time these past 2 weeks, I’ve been working part time hours just training! You never realise how much time labels, business cards and information sheets will take to design. If anyone is in the UK and wants a nosy feel free to check out my FB page here or my website here

After I’ve explained my reasons….I’m back!! I’ll be doing reviews of Organix porridge, weaning updates, a review of our pushchair system from Silver Cross and all sorts in the next 2 weeks, so please stay with me!


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