Welcome to Along Came a Baby!

I’m Marisha and I live with Jon my “hubby”, Evie our IVF baby and Bella the Cat.

Myself and Jon tried for a baby for 6 years before finally going back to the Doctor to request fertility tests. I was then told that I was beginning to enter the menopause for the second time in my life, and that the only way we could conceive would be to have a go at ICSI, a type of IVF treatment. That wasn’t the heartbreaking part…. I had to have donor eggs in place of my own. That meant that my baby wouldn’t be officially genetically my own.
It took me a while and a LOT of chocolate and tears to come to terms with it, but I picked myself up just in time to be told we had a donor match!

I use this blog to write down my own experience of IVF & pregnancy and to show others that it isn’t just a quick stick with a needle then you have a baby. I also use it to show other parents and couples in the process of starting a family the ups and downs of parenthood. We’re all learning on the job!

Evie was born 10th May 2016 and has been the most amazing thing to happen to us all (except Bella….Bella isn’t too impressed!) and I am so excited to be blogging about the adventures we will have as a family.

I will be posting regular reviews of the products we try and the places we go, along with making helpful top tip posts for first time parents.

Please remember that we all do parenting differently and I may do things differently from what you do. Some will breasftfeed and some will bottle, some will co-sleep and some will sleep seperate, some will make formula in advance and some will make as they go along. We’re all going down similar journeys so why not support each other in doing so?!

You can follow my instagram Here- Marisha__x I post lots of pictures of our little family and give sneak peeks of future blog posts too….along with the odd review!

Feel free to get in touch with me by using the information on the ‘Contact’ page