The sick house!

I feel like I should be writing an apology post.

For the past few months I’m back and then gone and back and gone and the real reason? There’s 2. When I started Scentsy I had no idea how much work it would be! It has been to the point where I missed Evie’s first roll over because I was replying to a potential customer on my phone. Jon gets in at night and tells me to put my phone down. I’ve worked so so hard since September, harder than I ever worked in a 8.30-5.30 job and I’m trying to find that balance between Scentsy, blogging and life. I’ll get there but I definitely need you all to bear with me whilst I get into the swing of it all!

Second reason…. teething & bugs. This past month we’ve been plagued with 2 colds, 2 stomach bugs, a reaction to a teeny bit of a biscuit that had milk in (which sent us backwards again) and also teething. We’ve had reflux galore & ive been so busy nursing Jon and Evie that I’ve forgotten to even look in the mirror and wash my face some days.

 On the subject of teething though, I have a blog post on its way about what’s worked and what hasn’t for us to help ease teething pain! Along with the Organix review of porridge/ baby rice. 

And guess what?! ITS CHRISTMAS THIS WEEK! That means a whole LOAD of reviews on toys and goodies that Santa brings Evie.

I’m due a 7 month update on our little cherub too, so I’ll pop that up this week too. Here’s a pic to show you the attitude I’m dealing with….. “mummy, this is my chair. I want to lie on it and drink my milk in peace. None of this I’ll sit you on my lap stuff, just let me sit alone. And pick my bottle up when I drop it too because you know it’s too heavy for me to hold” 


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