Organix porridge / baby rice Review

We have been secretly testing away the Organix range since Evie started weaning.

We started with 2 boxes, the Strawberry and banana porridge and the plain baby rice. At the beginning of Evie’s weaning journey I tried both of these with no luck. After a couple of weeks of only eating fruit /veg purees I thought that I would give it a go again. Nope. Hated it. Then it occurred to me, I had been using her Nutramigen milk to make it up! So I had a taste and jeez that milk tastes awful. I could imagine it tastes a LOT better with ‘normal’ baby milk! 

From then on I was making both up with water and guess what? Evie loves them! It was the only porridge I had found at the time that was organic and didn’t have milk in so I was absolutely over the moon. 

The packaging for all of the Organic products is simple, colourful and really appealing. It looks professional.

The baby rice is a very similar texture to the porridge, but I’ve used it for lots of things as it’s a bit more flexible and not flavoured. I have used it to thicken up watery purees like peach or pear, I’ve added veg & stock to it to make thicker soup, I’ve even added finely chopped prunes/apricots and fruit purees, it really is versatile and I found Evie had no reactions at all when using it.

The strawberry porridge I have tried myself. Not by bowlfuls! I just mean, I had a lick of a spoon. Although it’s quite bland for me, I read somewhere that babies have double the tastebuds we do or something like that, so it was probably an explosion of goodness for her. Again, she liked it and did her classic approval “mmmm” with a cheeky smile after her first bite, so I knew she liked it! 

The great thing about both of these is that you can add less milk as you go through your weaning journey. Less milk makes them thicker/ more textured which is great for getting babies used to different textures. Adding various things like prunes, pear, apple & cinnamon made it easy for Evie to get used to textures without having to add a flavour that she hadn’t tried before.

The only niggle I have with these is they’re quite expensive. I guess you could say this about any baby cereal to be honest as none of it lasts very long, but it seems organic stuff is always a bit steeper in price. Personally, if it meant Evie getting a taste of different foods then I’d pay for it, but I know some people either can’t or won’t. 

Even 3 months down the line we use these along with Oatly milk which makes them even creamier. No kidding, I’d eat them myself! 

We were sent both items to review by Organix and all opinions stated in the post are my own 🙂 


Fisher Price Jumperoo Review

We have been using the Fisher Price Roaring Rainforest Jumperoo for 2 months, so it feel it appropriate to review how we have got on with it so far.

The Jumperoo has three different ‘main’ activity sections, situated in a circle around the seat, along with a sensory butterfly teether and a stationary roller rattle. It has 3 easily adjustable height positions and has material covering the springs which is brilliant protection for those little fingers that will try to reach up to grab the monkeys (that are very close to the springs).

The general look of the Jumperoo is very colourful, it looks entertaining. The only trouble we’ve found with the appearance of it is it’s size. It’s a brilliant size, and does fold up too, but we live in a small 2 bedroom house and can only just fit our sofa into our living room never mind the Jumperoo. Don’t worry we managed it, but it does have to get folded up after every use!

This is where we ‘store’ it. I was going to take a pretty picture but this is exactly where it is all the time, & that’s what I want to see if I’m looking at a review 🙂

The music can be switched on and off. It has 2 different volume settings as well as 2 music settings, one being nursery rhymes and the other being generic songs. The nursery rhymes setting did get old quite quickly, and because the songs are constant I don’t think they kept Evie’s attention too long. The generic music is short and sweet, and your child has to knock the music section of the seat piece to make the music come on again, so it rewards them for being active & bouncing. Evie looks so proud when she has managed to do it and has a crazy half an hour celebrating….which includes more bouncing!

The seat swivels 360 so it encourages your child to turn around to view and interact with the different sections.

I’m not sure if there is a minimum age suggestion ot this product (I couldn’t see one) but we put Evie in this from around 4 months, when she could hold her head steady. She’s absolutely loved it since. So much so that if we ever went on holiday I would struggle to think of something to keep her as entertained as the Jumperoo does!

The only thing I found is when on the lowest setting, at 5 months Evie is too tall for it. On the next setting up she’s too short (doh!) so we have to put towels/blankets underneath to make the height up.

The seat cover is easily removed and is fully washable. With Evie having CMPA our household items are really taking a beating with sick ups, but this is still looking as good as new 2 months on!

The Fisher Price Roaring Rainsforest Jumperoo gets an amazing thumbs, toes & fingers up from the Hibbs household! We love it!

Silver Cross Pioneer Review

I remember the day me and Jon were walking around mothercare looking for our pram system. I was something like 16 weeks pregnant at the time & I had my eye on the ICandy series, so was fully expecting to go “THATS the one” to an ICandy. There were hoards of parents to be trying them out and we didn’t want to wait that long, so we took a look at the other pushchairs on show instead. As soon as we saw the Silver Cross Pioneer we knew it was the one! It looked sleek, stylish, it felt smooth when we pushed it and when we looked online it came with a free car seat…. bonus!
Just like a lot of other excited expecting parents, we just HAD to put it up and see how it worked. I am superstitious but my excitement got the better of me- whoops!

In assembly stage, we struggled mainly with the carrycot element. I remember thinking where on earth does this go, you fold these things down?! And how does this zip fit here?! The instructions are great but don’t really explain much in terms of assembling the carrycot, so I resorted to watching YouTube vids!

Silver Cross describe the Pioneer as “big, bold, generous and robust; designed for life on the go. It’s suitable from birth to toddler and includes a luxury lie-flat newborn carrycot as well as a pushchair seat. Incredibly easy to fold and a breeze to push, Pioneer is the perfect modern pram system.” To be fair… I think that description is quite accurate!

The Pioneer handles outside terrains really well. We have used it on grass, pavement, carpet, all sorts and we have never had any issues. The only niggle we have is that it is hard to steer if the wheels are locked in place to move forward. The wheels do occasionally jam when going down kerbs, especially the higher ones. They tend to move sideways and obviously you can’t move the pram when the wheels are in that position, so you have to wiggle it around a little to get them right again. This doesn’t happen very often, and is more due to the angle I try to go down the kerb I think.

Quality really is a big point for Silver Cross, their pushchairs are very well designed, even the ones we looked at but didn’t buy were brilliant. The Pioneer now comes in either chrome or black chassis to choose from and we have the chrome.
I love the look of it as it really makes the pram look clean & sleek!

img_1961CUP HOLDER! Silver Cross have been ingenious and also thrown in a cup holder. I think this is brilliant. I use it for both bottles and my own drinks.

I will openly admit that it is crazily easy to fold. It is a simple case of holding a button whilst pulling the two ring pull levers and that’s it. It IS however, a little large. We have a 2 bedroom house and we cannot think of anywhere easily accessible to store it because it is quite wide and thick. We could pop it in our shed but being afraid of spiders I just can’t! I think we would have the same issue no matter what pram we bought, so I can’t complain about it really!

The carrycot looks and feels really comfy. It is made from a bamboo material which keeps baby cool in the summer and warmer in winter. Taking the carrycot off is really simple too, with just the pull of the black catches on each side, it is easy to whip off and store.


The hood/apron pack you get is really nice and there are so many colours to choose from, all of which look just like they do on the website. I think the apron especially really helps keep the warmth in and it looks so stylish.
You can  change where the hood is situated too. There are 2 slots to attach it to, meaning you can have it further towards you or further towards baby, depending on the amount of shade you wish there to be. The hood is great, but you definitely need a parasol or one of the sun shades you can buy, as it is still very easy for the sun to get in little ones eyes.

The shopping basket is brilliant. I can comfortably go to our local shop and buy our top up food with a bit of room to spare. The only thing that’s a bit of a bummer is that the carrycot is lower than the seat unit, so naturally you won’t have as much space underneath whilst your baby is in the carrycot. You can still fit a sizeable amount in though.

This may sound a silly thing to point out, but the handle has 4 different height options and is situated in a brilliant place, right in the middle of the bar. This makes it super easy to change the height when needed and not worry about doing it accidentally whilst you are walking. The handle has a leather look about it, which really makes it look stylish and classy.


The rain over comes in a handy bag and is so easy to fix to the pram if you get caught in good old British weather. It has a zip that goes from one side of the hood, to the other so that you can effortlessly tend to your baby if needs be.

The brake is so easy to use. You push down on the red pedal with your foot when wanting to brake and then a green button when you want to move. So easy!

Now that Evie is 5 months, she has outgrown her carrycot, so we have moved onto the seat unit. This has 3 recline positions and the foot plate is also movable.

I have been using the Pioneer for just over 5 months now and apart from a mark on the footplate, it looks brand new! I use it almost everyday and don’t treat it the best in the world, so it really shows how good quality it is.

I am so happy that we made the decision to buy the Pioneer. We’ve had various people stop us in the street & ask us how it is to use, and every time I tell others to buy it. I am officially a Silver Cross convert!

Sleepyhead Deluxe Review

If you read my ‘Newborn Must Haves’ post you will remember that I mentioned our old faithful Sleepyhead Deluxe and I said that I would do a review on our experience with it.
Incidently, and for reasons that I will note a little later on in the post, we have packed it away in storage. Because of this I thought it was the ideal opportunity to write our review!

Sleepyhead of Sweden’s founder Lisa Furuland came up with the idea of the Sleepyhead when her son was born and she wanted something more snug than a cot, a blanket or a bouncer. The products are sold around the world and it really has become a big contributor to all of the ‘newborn must haves’ YouTube videos I have seen.

The Sleepyhead  is available in either the Deluxe (0-8 months) and the Grand (9-36 months) editions. We purchased the deluxe version for Evie as we bought it for her newborn stage.

The quality of the Sleepyheads are just brilliant. They feel so soft and you can tell that thought really has been put into them in order to make them the comfiest, most snuggly item they can be.

They are a little expensive, for example the white Deluxe is priced at £110 currently on John Lewis, and the Grand is £165, but for us they are worth their weight in gold. We got ours on a good deal at £75 so it really is worth looking around and waiting to see if you can grab a bargain. The covers you can buy for them are currently around £45 on John Lewis, which in my opinion is pretty steep, hence why I haven’t bought any, but I do wish I had bought at least one other. As Evie is very sicky I found myself constantly washing and hoping that it would dry on the line before her next nap time. I got caught out on some rainy June days and had to use a hairdryer, or had to attempt to recreate the Sleepyhead with blankets with just the pillow parts. I would hate to think what would have happened if it was winter! In basics, even though they’re quite pricey, if you buy a Sleepyhead I would recommend you buy at least one cover to go with it, to save your sanity if your child won’t sleep in anything else.

You can buy both the Deluxe and Grand in different designs, but they do vary in price.
As you can see, we got the white as it was on offer at the time, but you can buy different covers if you would like to have a change every now and again.

Although, I have never had to use a stain remover on the cover (it washes up really really well!), with it being white and Evie being sicky, we found that we had to clean it a lot. This was either due to random marks/dirt making the white fabric look grubby, or because of spit ups (I know spit ups are to be expected!). If we had bought a slightly darker cover we could have gotten away with washing less as it wouldn’t look grubby with dirt as quickly, and we could protect it from spit ups with a muslin.
You may also note that we have a Chicco Next2Me co-sleeper. I’ll do a review on that too in time, but it is the Deluxe Sleepyhead that is inside it in the picture. It only just fits into the Next2Me, so if you were to buy the Grand I don’t see any way of it fitting. Although, by the time your little one moves into the Grand they will probably be in their own cot anyway.

Does it work?
Let’s go onto how Evie took to it. Which, to be fair, was pretty amazingly. As a newborn she was quite picky. She would like being swaddled then want freedom at her next nap time, she’d like being on her side then wanted to be on her back. In her Sleepyhead she seemed so much more settled and easier to put down. She looked really cosy and from 9 weeks was sleeping through the night. Now I’m not making promises, but I really do think that the snugness of the Sleepyhead helped keep her feeling safe and happy. We have since found that she has a cow’s milk protein allergy, so for her to have slept through at all was pretty amazing. I really believe that this product helped. Here’s her at 1 month old taking full advantage of her space in there!

The only one thing I will point out with the Deluxe is that Evie is currently 4 months old and I can’t see any way of her fitting in it. Her arms would be a little squished, she may like this… who knows! But she is quite long too (nope, we have no idea where she gets this from either) which meant that we had to open the bottom of it at around 2.5 months. Her calves were hanging out the end of it touching the Next2Me by 3 months so I don’t see how she could have lasted until 8 months in the Deluxe.

I would love to buy the Grand but on my maternity pay we just don’t have enough money to. For that reason I had to try to wean her off the Sleepyhead slowly, which meant taking the bottom out, then the sides etc until she was just in her Next2Me. It went absolutely fine and she will now sleep in that ok.

All in all I can’t recommend this enough. With Evie’s reflux we ended up tilting it at an angle to help her pain and this stayed in place beautifully. It kept her nice and cosy, safe, I knew she couldn’t wriggle out and squish her legs as she loved putting them up on the sides, and I even bought it downstairs for her nap times downstairs!
It really has helped keep me sane, both as a new mum and a mum with a CMPA baby, throughout her newborn years. It is up there on my must have list it really is.
like I said I would have loved to have bought the Grand and also do a review on that, but funds are just so low I couldn’t afford it.

If you want to find out more about the Sleepyhead story and the products, head over to

I have added a few pics below to show you how much Evie loved her Sleepyhead and the many positions she found herself in!



SassyBloom Box Subscription

On Monday we received our second SassyBloom box in the post. I cannot tell you how excited and impatient I have been about it arriving…. I even contacted customer service to see if it had been shipped last week!

I promised that I would do a review of their boxes & service once our second box arrived, so here it is!

SassyBloom boxes are tailored for children from pregnancy all the way up to 3 years old. They have recently added the ‘Sassy Kids Box’ which is the same concept aimed at children aged 3-8.
All boxes are age and gender specific and they tend to include lots of personalised items too….our first box included a towel with Evie’s name on!

They have 5 payment options:

  • Monthly – Payment is taken from your chosen account on a monthly basis – £29.95
  • 3 Months – Pay for 3 months and pay less for each box – total £86.85
  • 6 Months – Pay for 6 months and pay even less for each box – total £167.70
  • Annually – Pay annually for your subscription – total £311.40
  • 2 Years – Pay every 2 years for your subscription – total £598.80
The items you get sent all come in a gorgeous box like this one below

So, back to our box this month!

I did a little dance, showed Evie the brown packaging box it came in singing “our box of goodies has come!” and she looked at me like I had grown 5 heads. It’s alright though, because the first item couldn’t fit in the actualy SassyBloom so was placed on top…..

It was a Skip Hop Plush teddy!

14302389_10157431866585578_403644698_n.jpgRRP – £20

As I pulled it out Evie’s eyes lit up! It is almost as long as her and she finds it hard to grip but she really does love it. She’ll grab her arms out to touch it if its near her.


Here’s how the inside of the box looks



The first item inside the box was a Nuby Teether….


RRP – £3.99

Evie has been teething on and off for a little while now. The only frustrating thing is that she won’t hold anything up to her mouth to chew! She’d rather be a lazy bum and have us hold it or not chew it at all. Because of this, this hasn’t had lots of use, but i’m pretty sure it will come in great handy once teething is fully underway.


We were then greeted by a friendly looking Cheeky Chompers Hippo!

14269443_10157431866660578_1818529178_n.jpgRRP – £10.99

This has a hand velcro tie strap so that you can attach it to your child’s clothes to keep clean and safe. Evie stares at this and wonders if it’s going to do tricks then looks away, so isn’t too interested in it at the moment, but for comedy value I really hope she starts liking it…. heck I might just use it myself! He may already have ‘Chewy’ as a name but we’ve called him Henry.
She realises that he squeaks (like a dog toy) and she starts smiling. She’s into bright colours at the moment so I think that’s why Henry’s had the cold shoulder. He’ll get his time i’m sure!

Next in line is the Big Blue Creations Taggy

14302519_10157431866640578_1529988267_n.jpgRRP – £8.99

Evie is not too keen on this. Maybe she will be in future, and I do think it’s pretty cute, but to me its just too flat. I know it’s more of a comforter and a lot of children love these kinds of comforters (so can see it selling really well!), but Evie only has eyes for her white muslin! Anything flat and cuddley doesn’t stand a chance – whoops! It is great quality though and feels really soft. My child is just as picky as I am though so this isn’t quenching her toy thirst.


The last thing we received were these amazing Joey’s Flannel Fingers

14287638_10157431866740578_1902337704_n.jpgRRP – £9.99

Now these are something else! Literally just 2 days before my box arrived I was talking about how great it would be to have glove type flannels to wash Evie in the bath. We have one that you slip your hand in, shaped like a rectangle, and it just falls straight off it’s useless really.
These stay on our hands great & they lather up soap well….I’m really impressed!
I’m also pretty gutted because I thought I was onto a Dragon’s Den idea but seems like the great people over at Joey’s beat me to it.
I’d have bought these outright if I knew about them and they hadn’t come in this box.

We are looking at a combined price of £53.96 for this box, which is great considering it cost us £29.95!
If you want to get your hands on a subscription, head on over to and choose which plan you would like to go for. It really is worth it, even if you were to get one box to try. You can cancel at anytime and their customer service team are really lovely – even when  customers like me keep emailing to ask when theirs will be arriving 😉

Although I was hoping for more items that Evie would love, I’m really looking forward to receiving our next box! She will definitely use the other items we received but in true diva style- only when she is ready!

Do you receive any baby/pregnancy related subscription boxes? If you do please let me know about them as I would love to check them out!

Child’s Farm Review

I thought what better way to kick start my reviews off, than by reviewing the bath products we have been using on Evie since she was newborn. We’ve settled on Child’s Farm and they have really worked well for us.

Child’s Farm products have 98% naturally derived ingredients, so are suitable for children newborn age all the way to us adults! All products from the Child’s Farm range have the ‘Happy Skin Promise’ which is listed below:

✓  Dermatologically tested and approved

✓  Paediatrician approved

✓  Suitable for newborns and upwards

✓  Suitable for children with sensitive and eczema prone skin

✓  98% naturally derived ingredients

✓  Made with organic essential oils

✓  Free from parabens, SLSs, mineral oils and artificial colours

✓  Never tested on animals, only on people

✓  Tested and approved by my little ones for you to use on yours

All products have been clinically tested (yes, even on newborn skin!) so you really know that the products have been properly tried and tested and more importantly, are as kind to skin as they say they are.

As a little note before, we have used so many different types of bath products (first being Johnsons- big no no!) and they have all really aggrevated her Eczema and also dried out her skin. Therefore, these products will probably work really well for adults and children who suffer with skin conditions like Eczema.

I have purchased some of the products via Amazon’s subscribe and save service, which means cheaper items that come whenever we need them…. perfect!

Products are currently £3.99 in boots!

I’ll start by saying that I use a prescribed cream for Evie which is melted in her bath water, called Cetraben. This stuff stops ANY bubbles from forming, it’s rubbish for children really! So when I went to  use the Child’s Farm bubble bath I really didn’t think it would bubble at all. But look! It really has. Since we have been using this bubble bath Evie has been splishing and splashing like a crazy lady in the bath and i’ve subsequently come out of the bathroom with Evie in my arms looking like a drowned rat…. coincidence?! I think not! She loves the stuff, and if she loves the stuff then so do I!

The smell of each of the products I have tried is amazing, just devine. Having my little lady smell of oranges all day is definitely a highlight of the days when she has a bath. There are two similar ‘flavours’ Orange Tangerine and Organic Sweet Orange. But they smell SO different I can promise you. I will be trying more out from the range (amazon don’t do many so it’s a trip into town if I want others) so I will post a review of the rest of the range when I get my hands on them.

I’ll let you into a sneaky secret too….I may or may not have tried this on my own hair and it may or may not have been amazing and really cleaned it. Like, really cleaned it. I suffer with seborrhoeic dermatitis and this hasn’t flared it up at all and my hair is so shiny. And the moisturiser is brilliant too, I use that everytime I come out of one of the rare baths I have now I have a child. So I’ve ordered a bottle for her and one for me. I’ll be trying the actual shampoo and conditioner myself soon!