Birth Announcement! Our IVF baby is HERE!!

Before I start off, I apologise for the total lateness of this announcement! I’ll explain why it’s late in a mo.

Our little girl Evie was born on the 10th May weighing 7lb 11oz. We are completely and utterly in love! She is gorgeous and dinky and the most amazing thing I have ever seen. 

I went in on Saturday 7th to be induced due to reduced movements. I had the pessary at 2pm and made it my mission to try to have a walk around to get things going. I had minor cramping but nothing major. At 2pm Sunday, as labour hasn’t progressed I needed to go back down to the labour suite to go onto the next step of induction-the gel or breaking my waters. However there were no beds! I was left waiting around until about 3.30  on Monday when there was finally room for me. I hadn’t dilated much (I was JUST 1cm by then) but they ‘could try to break my waters’ so they did. I was put on the drip too. Contractions started an hour or so after and as they increased the dosage they got much stronger. By early Tuesday morning about I was having to have gas and air with each contraction which was around every 2-3 minutes. I got examined  4 hours later and still hadn’t dilated any more. I was given the option of carrying on or having a Csection (anyone who knows me knows it has been my worst nightmare all throughout pregnancy!) and after a mental breakdown in front of Drs & midwives I agreed that’s the only option. 

As Evie was being born I heard them say ‘that’s the waters’ so I know that they hadn’t got one of my waters previously, which annoyed me as that would have been one reason why I hadn’t progressed on the drip very well. I ended up feeling really faint and I lost 1.5l blood. They whisked Jon off but we were both oblivious really to what was happening! We thought everything had gone okay! 

By weds I was allowed home (yes I know, very early for a c section!) and I came home with iron tablets and some Clexane. Since weds Evie has screamed all night & day, we have literally not slept. I knew something wasn’t right but was being told it was normal. Then she refused food during the day and screamed as she had no energy to feed. Our midwife visit on thurs noted the developed jaundice but she just said to keep up with feeds. This didn’t work so on Friday I was called by a community midwife and asked how things were. I explained that I was still worried and that I thought her jaundice had got worse. I was told that it was normal and it was nothing to worry about and to basically stop being silly. On our 5 day check up on Sunday the midwife noted how yellow she was and that she had lost 15% of her original weight. I’m now in hospital watching her in a little box and hoping she gets better soon, so that me and Jon can finally feel like our family is complete. I can’t wait until we have our first trip out together. I wish some people would take mothers worries a little more seriously, because this could potentially have been sorted 4 days ago and I wouldn’t feel like such a failure for putting her in distress for so long. I was dismissed as a first time mum. She even said ‘this is your first baby isn’t it so it’s a worrying time’! how patronising. 

Enough of my blabbering away- here’s a picture of our little lady! 


37 Weeks Pregnant – IVF

So I’m currently 37+4 today and I am so ready for our little munchkin! 

I woke up physically sick out of nowhere on Friday night. I’ve had stomach cramps on and off for a week or so, nothing major just along with my nausea. We went out on Saturday and it seems as though I kept getting massive stomach cramps that lasted around 30-60 secs. No idea if these are the type of contractions I’ll have at first or not but they’re different than just going ‘I have an upset tummy’. 

Since then I’ve heard a big pop with no waters (bizarre?!), had nausea still, been really hot & the last day has seen me get really bad pain in my ribs. Feels like I have fallen on something hard and bruised them. I can’t cough, sneeze or move without pain and overnight it’s got even worse 😢. 

I saw my midwife last week who just said that she was leaving for another job, forgot to take my blood for iron levels until I mentioned it, told me head was down but not how engaged she is (I forgot to ask but she usually writes it down) and that was it really. I’m hoping at my next appointment the midwife will let me know. 

So little one, if you’d like to make an appearance now, I’m terrified of labour but I’d absolutely love to hold you now and feel like myself again and not moan all the time! 

Fetal Monitoring again!

Since Wednesday bubs hadn’t moved much at all. I’d felt a couple kicks here and there but she hadn’t moved half as much as normal and she hadn’t had hiccups either, which worried me as she usually gets them 3+ times a day. 

I didn’t feel anything at all yesterday morning so I decided to phone our MAU, who said I had to go in at 3pm and she was really concerned.

Because it’s my second episode (first was at 28weeks) she also advised that I have a scan too. I got hooked up to the machine to monitor her for about 15 mins until it said criteria met, and it didn’t show I had any Brixton hicks either! I was hoping that I’ve been having them and not noticing but apparently not 😦 

Anyway, had the scan and she ended up kicking the sonographer a hand so hard that she lifted her hand up haha! After her tantrums, we saw that everything was still perfect, and she still likes having a hand/arm over her face. 

These past couple of weeks have been really stressful. I won’t go into detail but there have been numerous things go off, nothing ‘upsetting’ but just stressful/really frustrating things….nothing with Jon though! On top of these things, being in the uncomfortable end of pregnancy and my hormones being everywhere & informal worries of labour etc, I just feel things are amplified tenfold. 

We had our health visitor come round the other day and I haven’t ever mentioned anything on here, but I’ve previously suffered with low mood out of pregnancy and I’ve mentioned how worried I am re PND, as that’s been a big worry I’ve had for a couple months now. It seems silly that someone who has wished to be pregnant and have a baby for so long could have PND, but it really has nothing to do with wanting/not wanting a child. It really does just happen, and from how I’ve been recently i would prefer to prewarn others than suffer in silence once our little cherub is here IF it happens. She’s prepped me for any different forms I may need to fill in if they suspect PND once baby is here and I’m happy to have finally let someone know, so that she can monitor me and help if needed. 

I’m 36 weeks now now and due in 4 weeks. That means I can pretty much say she’ll be here any time now, because I’m considered term next week! I just cannot imagine waters breaking (if they do!) or actually being in labour. I’m sure in a few weeks time when I’m actually doing it it’ll all be different.

Not long until we meet our little lady! 

Mummy cat

I have come to the conclusion that my cat has turned into my mum. It started when Jon began working away all week in Nov/Dec. Thankfully he has recently started commuting each morning & night,  but Bella still seems to be acting the same way!

She watches me like a hawke. If I lie down and try to get up but I’m in excruciating pain and cry out, she’ll look at me like I’m dying and she really cares. If I start cleaning, whether it’s just sweeping, wiping the counters, hoovering, putting laundry away, anything that involves me being on my feet, she’ll meow and meow until I sit down. She’ll sit on my chest and pur (something she’s always done in bed at nighttime, she knows it sends me to sleep!) and wait there until I begin to drift off to sleep. This can be at 9am, 12noon, 3pm or 7pm. Anytime of day! I’m exhausted now. I struggle to get dressed. I know I may be anaemic, my consultant said I looked really pale but I assured him that I’m always pale & that my MW would be doing bloods next week so I’ll see what the results say, but having Bella then ordering me to sit down mid-task makes it so much harder to do anything! 

She’ll tell me it’s time for bed. Now I know a lot of pets do this, and Bella sometimes did it before, but since becoming pregnant it’s every night at 8pm. She’ll literally sit inches away from me and stare at me with an occasional meow. If I ignore her she will go upstairs for 5 minutes, come back down and sit on the floor staring at me until I go to bed. It’s like she knows I’m tired. Sometimes it’ll be at 7.30pm and I’ll be thinking about how tired I am and suddenly *puff* Bella appears telling me to go bed! 

She literally sits almost on my shoulder in the bath. She’s NEVER done that. She is fascinated by water but never gets very close and now suddenly she’s there almost making sure that I don’t bloomin’ drown. 

Few examples of the times I’ve managed to catch her in the act!    

Now if anyone goes back on my blog posts, or my Instagram, it’s easy to see that Bella is an attached kitty. She appeared on our doorstep and she’s so close to me it’s unreal, but since being pregnant it’s increased x100! 

Any other pregnant ladies have pets that seem to have taken on more of a carer role?! I’ll have to admit it’s cute, but fest rating when I’m already tired and really having to push myself to clean or do bits around the house!

35 weeks Pregnant

Another week down means that we’ve made it to 35 weeks 🙂

Since I finished work on weds I feel like I haven’t stopped! I had various things last week, Monday I spent the day cleaning, doing laundry & cooking. Didn’t realise that I’d been on my feet all day until Jon came home and I couldn’t actually get up the stairs! Tuesday I was cleaning and also had MW appt, then yesterday I was out all day as I had my last consultant appt before baby is here and it takes 3 buses to get to hospital….so I was wiped by the time I got home haha.

Consultant went fine! He still has no worries about my heart problem as I’ve not showed any additional symptoms to the usual pregnancy ones. I also asked about water births and if I’d still be OK to have one and he said absolutely! He has no issues with me labouring/giving birth how I wish and he made sure he wrote it in my notes too so there’d be no issues when I go in.  I have however gained 2 stone from my transfer day! 2STONE!! I did think that was a lot, but others have said it isn’t. To say I was classed as ‘obese’ before becoming pregnant (yes, really! Although nothing has been said about my weight AT ALL throughout my pregnancy) I’m shocked that I’ve put on that much weight. Maybe that’s normal, I don’t know, but hopefully breastfeeding will help get rid of it once little miss arrives.

I woke up twice this morning with numbness and tingling down my right arm, hand and fingers. Weird thing is that I was lying on my left side, with my right arm either on my pillow or on my side, so I’m not sure what’s caused it. It still feels a little weird now and if I hold my arm down it feels like my arm is going dead. I’d say trapped nerve , but I have no pain or any trapped nerve feeling…. So I’m just going to see how I get on today and if it gets worse or is still there tomorrow I’ll phone the GP. I’m going to the Dire Straits experience tonight with my mum, so could do with it not being a pain while I’m there! I can’t believe I bought concert tickets, for somewhere in Chesterfield at 7.30 at night when I’m 35 weeks pregnant! What was I thinking?!

So in a couple of weeks we can officially say that our little girl will be arriving anytime now. That’s both exciting and terrifying at the same time. I’m terrified of having a c section or tears (not even bothered about the pain just those 2 things lol!) but I can’t wait to feel like me again, to not be so exhausted when I wake up in the morning then having to be uncomfortable all day with our munchkin cooking away, to have no heartburn anymore, to feel 3 stone lighter and to be able to settle down and breathe again.




34 Weeks Pregnant

Ahhhhh today I am officially 34 WEEKS PREGNANT! In 6 weeks our baby is due. She may even come earlier than that! I can’t quite get my head around the fact that I’m going to be giving birth in a matter of weeks. It doesn’t seem real, and it feels like all these pokes and kicks and movements inside me are all fake. I can’t imagine myself going into labour at all. I’m sure it’s normal, especially with a first child, but doesn’t help when I’m all excited whilst at the same time feel like I’m playing mummies and babies like we did when we were 5!

My maternity leave starts today, well, I’m taking all my 20 days annual leave before it ‘officially’ starts on the 28th April. But oh my I cannot describe how good it feels to wake up when I want and to be able to say I’m finally able to get ready for this baby! I can wash all of her clothes, I can decorate the living room, I can organise the house, I can CLEAN! And I’m hoping to do it all before I get too big to be bending around haha. I’m still quite small, although have definitely grown. If I walk around with a tighter than usual top on people will ask when I’m due. I totally find myself having to hold back from saying “due? I’m not pregnant…..”! 

On another note, baby keeps clicking. No joke. Has anyone else had this? For the last few days every now and again (even if she isn’t moving!) I’ll here a very audible ‘click’ coming from my stomach. It sounds like when you get up off the floor and your knees click, or when you walk and your ankles click. Very weird. Maybe she’s learnt how to click her fingers haha

Heartburn is easing! But I’ve been prescribed a strong Gaviscon and have to take it 4 times a day, so that’s probably why. I can’t breathe most days, and it’s so much worse when I have eaten in the afternoon I feel like I’m having a panic attack. Waiting anxiously for her to drop now so I can enjoy breathing again.

Bella the cat is still clingy. She actually wants to be on my bump now too, which is hard as laying on my back makes breathing loads worse! I’m trying to give her as much attention as I can before the big day arrives, and have ordere a refill of our Feliway too which will hopefully help. I’ll be scent swapping too, so when baby is born I’ll ask Jon to go into the house (either with me at hospital or in the car) and give her time to smell the clothes baby has worn. 

The Sleepyhead arrived yesterday! Can’t wait to use it in the Chico next to me or when we go round to Jon’s mums 🙂 
It’s slowly getting real now, just want her to be here so my pregnancy uncomfiness can disappear. Although the I have loved the whole time, I’m definitely ready to have a little bubs looking up at me.

31 weeks Pregnant

I’ve made it to 31 weeks. Wow. A year ago Jon and I were eagerly awaiting Nurture to get in touch with us to tell us that an egg donor has been found, thinking we’d be waiting over a year. In just 3 days time it’ll be exactly a year since I took the call at work to say that a donor match was available and ready to start ASAP. Now i’m sat here feeling our munchkin wriggling around! It’s crazy how much has changed in a year, and I know it’ll change even more when she finally arrives.
I feel like my pregnancy has gone REALLY quickly. A little too quickly recently and my brain is trying to catch up with all my emotions. But at the same time feel like i’ve been pregnant forever! It’s so strange.

I said i’d update with pics once we had our private scan, but i’ve been so busy and been suffering a little with the dreaded return of exhaustion that I just haven’t managed to open my laptop for ages- sorry! I’ve had really bad heartburn again. I have turned to Gaviscon liquid, which I might add, and i’m sure anyone else will agree, has the taste and texture of a certain bodily fluid produced by men. Cue me heaving everytime I take it ewwww.
I’ve lost count of the amount of times people have stopped me in the street and said “I didn’t even know you were pregnant!” or “wow you’re so small considering how far along you are”. I feel lucky because i’m not waddling too much right now, but at the same time I just want people to SEE that i’m pregnant. It totally isn’t evident still haha.
I’m struggling with my breathing, which I know is normal at this stage but I know that i’ll have to mention to my consultant in case it affects my existing heart condition. I’m still hoping for a water birth too! I’m starting to really suffer with hip.back pain too now. I even had to take today off work as I couldn’t physically walk! I’m not normally THAT bad, so it was out of the blue when I woke up this morning. Hopefully I won’t get another repeat of that anytime soon, at least until I go on maternity leave.

So anyway, here are a couple pictures we managed to get in our private scan at 29+2. She had the cord in her face a lot, was squished up to the womb on one side of her face and the placenta on the other, as usual!! Some really do look like i’m going to birth an alien, which i’m still considering because feeling her move is some kind of freaky stuff in itself.
Oh and she has HUGE cheeks!!