Mummy cat

I have come to the conclusion that my cat has turned into my mum. It started when Jon began working away all week in Nov/Dec. Thankfully he has recently started commuting each morning & night,  but Bella still seems to be acting the same way!

She watches me like a hawke. If I lie down and try to get up but I’m in excruciating pain and cry out, she’ll look at me like I’m dying and she really cares. If I start cleaning, whether it’s just sweeping, wiping the counters, hoovering, putting laundry away, anything that involves me being on my feet, she’ll meow and meow until I sit down. She’ll sit on my chest and pur (something she’s always done in bed at nighttime, she knows it sends me to sleep!) and wait there until I begin to drift off to sleep. This can be at 9am, 12noon, 3pm or 7pm. Anytime of day! I’m exhausted now. I struggle to get dressed. I know I may be anaemic, my consultant said I looked really pale but I assured him that I’m always pale & that my MW would be doing bloods next week so I’ll see what the results say, but having Bella then ordering me to sit down mid-task makes it so much harder to do anything! 

She’ll tell me it’s time for bed. Now I know a lot of pets do this, and Bella sometimes did it before, but since becoming pregnant it’s every night at 8pm. She’ll literally sit inches away from me and stare at me with an occasional meow. If I ignore her she will go upstairs for 5 minutes, come back down and sit on the floor staring at me until I go to bed. It’s like she knows I’m tired. Sometimes it’ll be at 7.30pm and I’ll be thinking about how tired I am and suddenly *puff* Bella appears telling me to go bed! 

She literally sits almost on my shoulder in the bath. She’s NEVER done that. She is fascinated by water but never gets very close and now suddenly she’s there almost making sure that I don’t bloomin’ drown. 

Few examples of the times I’ve managed to catch her in the act!    

Now if anyone goes back on my blog posts, or my Instagram, it’s easy to see that Bella is an attached kitty. She appeared on our doorstep and she’s so close to me it’s unreal, but since being pregnant it’s increased x100! 

Any other pregnant ladies have pets that seem to have taken on more of a carer role?! I’ll have to admit it’s cute, but fest rating when I’m already tired and really having to push myself to clean or do bits around the house!


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