Fetal Monitoring again!

Since Wednesday bubs hadn’t moved much at all. I’d felt a couple kicks here and there but she hadn’t moved half as much as normal and she hadn’t had hiccups either, which worried me as she usually gets them 3+ times a day. 

I didn’t feel anything at all yesterday morning so I decided to phone our MAU, who said I had to go in at 3pm and she was really concerned.

Because it’s my second episode (first was at 28weeks) she also advised that I have a scan too. I got hooked up to the machine to monitor her for about 15 mins until it said criteria met, and it didn’t show I had any Brixton hicks either! I was hoping that I’ve been having them and not noticing but apparently not 😦 

Anyway, had the scan and she ended up kicking the sonographer a hand so hard that she lifted her hand up haha! After her tantrums, we saw that everything was still perfect, and she still likes having a hand/arm over her face. 

These past couple of weeks have been really stressful. I won’t go into detail but there have been numerous things go off, nothing ‘upsetting’ but just stressful/really frustrating things….nothing with Jon though! On top of these things, being in the uncomfortable end of pregnancy and my hormones being everywhere & informal worries of labour etc, I just feel things are amplified tenfold. 

We had our health visitor come round the other day and I haven’t ever mentioned anything on here, but I’ve previously suffered with low mood out of pregnancy and I’ve mentioned how worried I am re PND, as that’s been a big worry I’ve had for a couple months now. It seems silly that someone who has wished to be pregnant and have a baby for so long could have PND, but it really has nothing to do with wanting/not wanting a child. It really does just happen, and from how I’ve been recently i would prefer to prewarn others than suffer in silence once our little cherub is here IF it happens. She’s prepped me for any different forms I may need to fill in if they suspect PND once baby is here and I’m happy to have finally let someone know, so that she can monitor me and help if needed. 

I’m 36 weeks now now and due in 4 weeks. That means I can pretty much say she’ll be here any time now, because I’m considered term next week! I just cannot imagine waters breaking (if they do!) or actually being in labour. I’m sure in a few weeks time when I’m actually doing it it’ll all be different.

Not long until we meet our little lady! 


5 thoughts on “Fetal Monitoring again!

  1. ligurl27 says:

    Hi there, just browsing the realm of mummy blogs and stumbled across yours! Wishing you all the best with your impending delivery! 🙂 So glad that things turned out alright!


  2. srabird says:

    eek not long super exciting (and slightly terrifying as it means not long for me either!) Sounds like she is a little snoozey girl for having these non-kicking sessions… I’ve found practising deep breathing always gets our little man to kick – might be worth a try to wake her up!


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