Birth Announcement! Our IVF baby is HERE!!

Before I start off, I apologise for the total lateness of this announcement! I’ll explain why it’s late in a mo.

Our little girl Evie was born on the 10th May weighing 7lb 11oz. We are completely and utterly in love! She is gorgeous and dinky and the most amazing thing I have ever seen. 

I went in on Saturday 7th to be induced due to reduced movements. I had the pessary at 2pm and made it my mission to try to have a walk around to get things going. I had minor cramping but nothing major. At 2pm Sunday, as labour hasn’t progressed I needed to go back down to the labour suite to go onto the next step of induction-the gel or breaking my waters. However there were no beds! I was left waiting around until about 3.30  on Monday when there was finally room for me. I hadn’t dilated much (I was JUST 1cm by then) but they ‘could try to break my waters’ so they did. I was put on the drip too. Contractions started an hour or so after and as they increased the dosage they got much stronger. By early Tuesday morning about I was having to have gas and air with each contraction which was around every 2-3 minutes. I got examined  4 hours later and still hadn’t dilated any more. I was given the option of carrying on or having a Csection (anyone who knows me knows it has been my worst nightmare all throughout pregnancy!) and after a mental breakdown in front of Drs & midwives I agreed that’s the only option. 

As Evie was being born I heard them say ‘that’s the waters’ so I know that they hadn’t got one of my waters previously, which annoyed me as that would have been one reason why I hadn’t progressed on the drip very well. I ended up feeling really faint and I lost 1.5l blood. They whisked Jon off but we were both oblivious really to what was happening! We thought everything had gone okay! 

By weds I was allowed home (yes I know, very early for a c section!) and I came home with iron tablets and some Clexane. Since weds Evie has screamed all night & day, we have literally not slept. I knew something wasn’t right but was being told it was normal. Then she refused food during the day and screamed as she had no energy to feed. Our midwife visit on thurs noted the developed jaundice but she just said to keep up with feeds. This didn’t work so on Friday I was called by a community midwife and asked how things were. I explained that I was still worried and that I thought her jaundice had got worse. I was told that it was normal and it was nothing to worry about and to basically stop being silly. On our 5 day check up on Sunday the midwife noted how yellow she was and that she had lost 15% of her original weight. I’m now in hospital watching her in a little box and hoping she gets better soon, so that me and Jon can finally feel like our family is complete. I can’t wait until we have our first trip out together. I wish some people would take mothers worries a little more seriously, because this could potentially have been sorted 4 days ago and I wouldn’t feel like such a failure for putting her in distress for so long. I was dismissed as a first time mum. She even said ‘this is your first baby isn’t it so it’s a worrying time’! how patronising. 

Enough of my blabbering away- here’s a picture of our little lady! 


4 thoughts on “Birth Announcement! Our IVF baby is HERE!!

  1. srabird says:

    congratulations on little evie joining your family. She looks like a little sweetheart. Keeping my fingers crossed that she gets & feels better asap so you guys can settle in and snuggle up together without any worries xxx


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