35 weeks Pregnant

Another week down means that we’ve made it to 35 weeks šŸ™‚

Since I finished work on weds I feel like I haven’t stopped! I had various things last week, Monday I spent the day cleaning, doing laundry & cooking. Didn’t realise that I’d been on my feet all day until Jon came home and I couldn’t actually get up the stairs! Tuesday I was cleaning and also had MW appt, then yesterday I was out all day as I had my last consultant appt before baby is here and it takes 3 buses to get to hospital….so I was wiped by the time I got home haha.

Consultant went fine! He still has no worries about my heart problem as I’ve not showed any additional symptoms to the usual pregnancy ones. I also asked about water births and if I’d still be OK to have one and he said absolutely! He has no issues with me labouring/giving birth how I wish and he made sure he wrote it in my notes too so there’d be no issues when I go in.  I have however gained 2 stone from my transfer day! 2STONE!! I did think that was a lot, but others have said it isn’t. To say I was classed as ‘obese’ before becoming pregnant (yes, really! Although nothing has been said about my weight AT ALL throughout my pregnancy) I’m shocked that I’ve put on that much weight. Maybe that’s normal, I don’t know, but hopefully breastfeeding will help get rid of it once little miss arrives.

I woke up twice this morning with numbness and tingling down my right arm, hand and fingers. Weird thing is that I was lying on my left side, with my right arm either on my pillow or on my side, so I’m not sure what’s caused it. It still feels a little weird now and if I hold my arm down it feels like my arm is going dead. I’d say trapped nerve , but I have no pain or any trapped nerve feeling…. So I’m just going to see how I get on today and if it gets worse or is still there tomorrow I’ll phone the GP. I’m going to the Dire Straits experience tonight with my mum, so could do with it not being a pain while I’m there! I can’t believe I bought concert tickets, for somewhere in Chesterfield at 7.30 at night when I’m 35 weeks pregnant! What was I thinking?!

So in a couple of weeks we can officially say that our little girl will be arriving anytime now. That’s both exciting and terrifying at the same time. I’m terrified of having a c section or tears (not even bothered about the pain just those 2 things lol!) but I can’t wait to feel like me again, to not be so exhausted when I wake up in the morning then having to be uncomfortable all day with our munchkin cooking away, to have no heartburn anymore, to feel 3 stone lighter and to be able to settle down and breathe again.





2 thoughts on “35 weeks Pregnant

  1. workingwomensivf says:

    Welcome to the world of pregnancy carpel tunnel! Unfortunately numbness may just be the start mine has progressed to waking up with pain in my hands worse when I move my fingers. Tends to get better as the day goes at least šŸ˜€ you can get splints to help which I am considering. Glad everything is going so well can’t believe bubs is so close!!!!


    • marie says:

      I thought it was, but it’s definitely from my shoulder too haha so thinking maybe painless trapped nerve! Awww bless you yes at least it gets better, deffo get a splint I know they can work wonders. Ahhh I know it creeps up so quickly lol very excited but very nervous too xx


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