37 Weeks Pregnant – IVF

So I’m currently 37+4 today and I am so ready for our little munchkin! 

I woke up physically sick out of nowhere on Friday night. I’ve had stomach cramps on and off for a week or so, nothing major just along with my nausea. We went out on Saturday and it seems as though I kept getting massive stomach cramps that lasted around 30-60 secs. No idea if these are the type of contractions I’ll have at first or not but they’re different than just going ‘I have an upset tummy’. 

Since then I’ve heard a big pop with no waters (bizarre?!), had nausea still, been really hot & the last day has seen me get really bad pain in my ribs. Feels like I have fallen on something hard and bruised them. I can’t cough, sneeze or move without pain and overnight it’s got even worse 😢. 

I saw my midwife last week who just said that she was leaving for another job, forgot to take my blood for iron levels until I mentioned it, told me head was down but not how engaged she is (I forgot to ask but she usually writes it down) and that was it really. I’m hoping at my next appointment the midwife will let me know. 

So little one, if you’d like to make an appearance now, I’m terrified of labour but I’d absolutely love to hold you now and feel like myself again and not moan all the time! 


2 thoughts on “37 Weeks Pregnant – IVF

  1. srabird says:

    eek! Apparently the way to tell if you’ve got “go to hospital” contractions is that you can’t talk through them anymore… all you want to do is concentrate on breathing and the contraction for the minute or so that they are there. my midwife said that if I am timing them and faffing about then they are not proper contractions!


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