A Day in the Life – Weekend

I thought i’d do a little post that lists the things we get up to on a normal weekend day.
I’ll warn you beforehand…. this isn’t that interesting! I would have loved to start up vlogging but I just don’t have enough confidence to do that right now.
For any parents that wonder if it’s common to want to sit at home all weekend when you have a young baby- I can guarantee all parents have weekends where they do not want to do anything but stay in pjs and cuddle.

I have added some pretty pictures to go along with the things we do, to make it a teeny bit more interesting.

I will start off in the morning….

7.10am – Evie’s tossing & turning so I get up and make her bottle before she’s fully awake, so that she doesn’t wake Jon up. Here’s my morning set up! a cooler bag with cold boiled water, a flask of hot water, formula dispenser & her bottle.


I get this gorgeous smile when I go to change her nappy!

I attempt to write the outline of a blog post on my phone whilst i’m feeding her.

8.30am – Pop Evie down and find an outfit for her.

8.39am – I’d have taken a pic of the above but someone decided that today is a sicky day and sicked up on it within seconds of changing her. You do not want to see a pic of this!

9.00am – Evie has refused a nap. Not uncommon at all nowadays! Bring her down to have playtime in the Jumperoo. Daddy wakes up halfway through so decides to play with her.

9.33am – Jon keeps Evie entertained in her Jumperoo

img_0893                                   I hang the washing out & put another load on to wash.

9.56am – Change Evie’s top as shes sicked up all over the other one. Jon changes her this time

9.57am – Wow! We got all the boxes out of the attic last night and left them in her nursery. I can’t stand to see the mess any longer so I seal them up. Look at the mess!


10.02am – Evie is tired. YAAAYYY NAPTIME!

10.08am – Bring down the attic boxes so that we don’t wake Evie up, and seal them downstairs. Why is tape so friggin’ loud?! We may as well have done it upstairs!

10.41am – Attic boxes DONE. Make myself breakfast as Jon never eats brekky.

11am – Take boxes back upstairs and pass them up to Jon in the loft


11.40am – The creature has awoken! Time for feed. It turns out she can also hold her own bottle now! Since when did she start to become all independent?!

12.07pm – Entertain Evie pie. We actually got her bouncer out of the loft…. we bought it when she was newborn she was way too small for it. Now she’s too big! Whoops! But she likes the tiger haha.


12.20pm – Change Evie again as she’s sicked up all over her clothes. Again… you do not want to see that!

13.35pm- Jon decides to take Evie to the shop for a walk. He doesn’t get much Evie time at all as he works so much so at the weekends I try to let him have as much time as he wants to spend with her. This includes feeding/changing/bathing etc.


15.25pm – Jon wants to feed Evie. I won’t complain! Look at her face!!


15.50pm – Put peas on to steam & blend using the Tommee Tippee steam & blend. PS this thing is amazing. I’ll be reviewing soon!


16.00pm – Sit down for lunch. Yep…. ‘lunch’

16.20pm – Pop some more washing out while daddy plays with Evie


17.02pm – Jon decides to take Evie for a bath tonight – first time in a while he gets to really enjoy bathtime with her alone. Look at that chubs! I put next load of washing on. Am I just doing the washing today or what?! Evie goes for a nap after this.


17.04pm – Put steamed & pureed peas into ice cube tray


17.06pm – Noticed that Jon left a mess…. doh! Clean this up then hoover & steam clean the floor

17.50pm – Make some stilton & broccoli soup. I’ve missed this!


18.00pm – Evie wakes up from nap so daddy goes to get her

18.15pm – Make Evie her bottle ready for when she wants it.
18.20pm – Egg Evie on as she’s trying to roll onto her front. GO ON GIRLY!! The amount of determination and concentration on her face is crazy. Maybe she’ll finally do it tonight!
18.40pm – She finally managed it! Well, with a little bit of help. I then cry because she’s
crying that she did it.
18.43pm – I finish soup while Jon feeds Evie.I’d take a pic of this but I managed to blitz green soup all over the kitchen. It.went.everywhere.
19.00pm – Play with Evie on her playmat.
19.28pm – Bring the washing in. I have a pic of this but i’m not going to lie… it is literally just a pile of washed clothes.
19.30pm – Play with Evie again & change her nappy and clothes
20.10pm – Put Evie to bed. Nanight little one!
20.20pm – Make tea. It’s late so we just decided on pasta, cheese & sausages.
20.40pm – Begin writing a new blog post.
21.09pm – Serve tea and finish blog post


23.20pm – Get bottle, flask & formula ready for tomorrow morning. This is our general set up for the first morning feed as Evie sleeps through the night now, thankfully.



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