Baby Items I Regret Buying

Every new mum I have known has spent a lot of their pregnancy buying cute little outfits, all the bits and bobs that bloggers say are their hands down life savers, and then baby arrives and they find that some of the stuff doesn’t work for them! Truth is, babies aren’t robots and won’t conform to the ‘standard’…. unfortunately for us we have to learn as we go along!

As a follow on from the newborn must haves post I wrote the other day, I thought I would also write something that details some of the items that I kind of regret spending money on.

  1.   Nappy Bin

    I bought a nappy bin for upstairs to use when she’s taking her naps rather than bring her downstairs. Although I do actually quite like it, it takes up a bit of space in our already small room and it also only holds 18 nappies. It’s advertised as holding 28 size 3 nappies…. no chance!

  2.  Changing Unit/ Dresser

    We got bought one of these, so although it isn’t something I regret buying, I regret not asking them to buy us something else we really needed at the same price. The bath was great for the first 3 weeks, but then Evie outgrew it as it has a big ‘seat’ bit in the middle that she kept sliding off which meant her legs were all scrunched up at the end, and she kept pulling the plug out. Cue water spewing all over our bedroom carpet…. more than once! We do use the changing unit bit and use the storage bits to put all her bathing stuff in, but the bath element seems a bit redundant now.

  3.  Johnsons Baby Products / Fragranced Products

    We made the mistake of going a bit Johnsons mad and bought loads of the stuff, along with other fancy, nice smelling baby soap and bath bubbles. Evie developed Eczema and has quite dry skin and we found that anything really perfumed really flared it up so we had to stop using them. I have used them myself *ahem* I love the smell *ahem*. Definitely don’t buy a whole load of baby bath products, maybe get one of a few different types to try.

  4. Electric Breastpump

    This again got bought for me, but I feel bad because I only used it for about 2 weeks before I gave up breastfeeding due to Evie’s jaundice. I wish I’d have bought a manual one to start with then invested in the electric one I wanted if we got established.

  5. Blankets

    Oh man, the blankets! You walk into Evie’s nursery and look under her cot and I’m kidding you not, the WHOLE of the drawer underneath is choc full of blankets. It’s that bad that I have forgotten what blankets are actually under there. I discovered the other day that we actually have 2 of the exact same blanket. How on earth did that happen?! Evie absolutely hates anything on her legs, blankets especially. So until she’s older these wont really be used except when they’re forced on her and she can’t move her legs!

  6. Swaddle Wrap

    We bought an expensive, velcro, snazzy swaddle wrap. Guess how many times she has worn it? Zero. She hated it. As a newborn she would have rather been wrapped in her cellular, and even then she’d want her arms or her legs out. This wrap was no use to us as much as I wanted it to be.

  7. Neutral Coloured Toys

    This won’t be the same for all babies, but Evie had absolutely no interest in anything beige, brown or white. I really didn’t want garish greens, blue’s, red’s & yellows but I had to eat my words and I’m glad I did. We bought her a playmat and a sit me up from Mothercare which she has literally never used. We have a colourful gym & a bouncer that she fell in love with, same with the toys that came with it. I’ll be getting the sit me up out again now she’s nearly 4 months and can sit up well.

  8. Boppy Pillow

    One sentence. Ain’t nobody my size gonna fit one of those round their waist.

  9. First Month Outfits

    We bought a few outfits aged up to one month, and some even newborn. You can totally get away with dressing your baby in some really nice quality sleepsuits/vests for the first 2 months at least! We only dressed Evie in one or 2 outfits during her first month and the rest are now in storage.

  10. 0-3 Month Clothes

    Obviously I don’t mean I regret buying them. I regret buying as many as I did! She didn’t wear all the bits I bought her as she is so long she quickly outgrew most of them before 3 months! If we ever manage to have another child, I’ll buy a few 0-3 months but also buy a lot of bigger sized clothes too, because at the moment as it stands now we have a day’s worth of 6-9 and 9-12 month clothing for her.

  11. Mittens

    Ugh, I bought LOADS of mittens. I never used them. They were way too big for her little hands to keep on and I found that if I bought sleepsuits with the mittens on, they stayed on perfectly.


Is there anything you regret buying for your little one? Let me know in the comments below!



One thought on “Baby Items I Regret Buying

  1. srabird says:

    haha I agree with a lot of those items – we bought them or were given them but definitely not needed! Especially the mittens! How are you meant to keep them on their hands anyway?! Eddie also hated his swaddle wrap so those were given away pretty quickly! lol x


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