8 Weeks Pregnant

So I am 8 weeks pregnant – 9 weeks tomorrow!!! I love the fact that I have a little person growing at an amazing rate just inside me.
Update on symptoms- I’ve been suffering really, really bad with constant nausea. I always said that I would never complain about things like this, and i’d be thankful that whatever way we’ve managed it… i’m pregnant. But I literally broke down to Jon the other night when he got home. I feel nauseous to the point where I think “omg i’m about to have to run & shove my head in the toilet bowl” all day every day. No exaggeration. I’m never physically ill, which I feel is worse because I never get a relief. Because of this, I never know when i’m hungry. I literally have no idea if i’m hungry at any point in the day! I am sat at my desk feeling sorry for myself for 9 hours a day every weekday and I have no idea what will make it better. I’ve tried ginger/ ginger biscuits, crackers, eating little and often, sipping water 24/7. I am thankful that I am having symptoms, so so thankful. But at the same time it’d be lovely to get any sickness/puking/whatever out the way in the morning haha!
I am also exhausted. I say exhausted because this is beyond any from of tiredness I have ever felt. My other half replied “I know the feeling” when I said I was exhausted the other morning and I just snapped. He has no idea what it feels like…. just not having enough sleep because you go to bed late is NOTHING like what i’m feeling right now! I literally get in from work at night, I cook tea & I go to bed. I do not clean, I do not put things away, I just go to bed and sleep. Which was great at first….. but i’m noticing that I’m starting to have less & less clothes to wear & the house is getting really messy….so adding to my mood.
I’m not complaining, okay maybe I am. But i’m not complaining about pregnancy, I bloomin’ love pregnancy! I just would really like to be able to identify when I am hungry, to be able to look at food without wanting to heave all day every day, and also not feel that at 1pm I have to tell my boss i’m leaving work sick (I havent’ done this yet but I think i’m getting to the point where I will!). Aside from the 2 awful symptoms, I am the happiest i’ve ever been!
I had to tell my boss i’m pregnant last week in my appraisal. I didn’t want to and always said that it’d be a last resort, but I knew he was going to add extra duties to my role which i’m not happy about but don’t really have a choice if I want a happy work life throughout pregnancy. So I agreed to them, and also mentioned I am pregnant as it’d affect a couple of points. He said he was genuinely happy for me which is great, but when I sat at my desk unable to work he asked if I had experienced any morning sickness, to which I obviously explained my situation & that at that moment in time I felt really ill. I got laughed at and told “well I have no sympathy you’ve done it to yourself” which made me feel really bad about having to say I need to go home as I feel really nauseous 😦
So no… I haven’t left work early on any day yet, and I haven’t had a day off sick either. Today i’ve come in and feel pretty rubbish, so if I feel any worse throughout the day i’m going to have to say something about going home but I feel so guilty!
So that’s just about it for an update of 8 weeks! Baby is apparently size of a raspberry, which looking at my bloated belly you wouldn’t think he/she was that teeny. I have already bought maternity knickers. I don’t care how unsexy I look- they’re comfy! 🙂


3 thoughts on “8 Weeks Pregnant

    • marie says:

      Thanks Hun it really isn’t! It’s all day every day but it’s all for an amazing cause! I work in a role where all my work is office based as I liaise with internal colleagues and customers all day long. It’s a pain but I’m hoping it’ll ease by 12 weeks, thank you! xx

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