9 week update

So I thought I would write just a little something as I am 9 weeks pregnant now. Well, I am 10 weeks tomorrow!
I’ll be honest, i’m actually pretty worried. This week my boobs aren’t as sore as what they have been, although they are still sore. My sickness isn’t half as bad either. I know they say M/S peaks, but for just a week? I dunno. I’ve never even had a hint of pregnancy before so I have no idea if these fading are good signs or not.
I’m still going to bed earlier than usual, although i’m not absolutely flat out by 8.30pm I still go up to bed as I am getting tired around that time.
Is this all ‘standard’ stuff? I have no idea, but it makes me worry so bad!
I have my booking in appointment with the Midwife tomorrow, at my local GP. No idea what her name is or anything. I know I have to give a big medical history, probably blood & other tests & my OHs history too, but does she check for a heartbeat? I don’t know if they’d have that kind of equipment at the GP so I think i’ll just have to be worrying until my 12 weeks scan I guess!
After the initial shock and complete excitement at finding out i’m actually pregnant, it seems the waiting just takes over and your mind races overtime. When you’re just waiting, and little pip isn’t big enough for you to feel them yet, you just hope for some kind of sign that they’re still wriggling in there.
Can I say i’m actually wishing my morning…ahem ALL DAY sickness back?
Thought i’d end this by saying you know you’ve undergone fertility treatment when the side of your bed looks like this (minus the xmas present!)……

Oh… I forgot to mention the DREAMS!! I never used to dream too much but o.m.g, I am having some weird dreams! I’ve had dreams of being in a haunted house with a girl possessed, of bleeding and losing my baby, of bleeding and it all being fine, of picking up our baby boy (yes specifically a boy!) and Jon being the one who he loves more (like… what?!), being in labour, and last night I even had one of being in some type of park, which somehow crossed over with real life call of duty games, and a big T-Rex type dinosaur with longer arms, that talked, and tried to eat us all. I’m not kidding, i’m weirding myself out with these dreams!


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