Pink Parcel Review

Before I started IVF treatment, I subscribed to pink parcel religiously. It was like a little slice of ‘me time’ every month when I needed it most.

Pink Parcel is a little (ok quite large!) box of goodies such as chocolate, make up, skin care, discount codes and of course towels or tampons, all to get you through your period. Genius right?!

I’ll admit, there has been the odd occasion where I’ve forgotten to buy any towels because I’ve been so caught up in the “I’m definitely pregnant this month” routine of trying to conceive, that I have had to ask Jon to rush to the corner shop. I took no pride in doing that and still apologise for it now! But just imagine if you could get a box of them delivered to your door, with possibly some left over for next month too?!

Although I seem to be dipping in and out of the great menopause for the second time, I am still very regular. So I need towels, right? Last month I remembered Pink Parcel and decided to re-instate my subscription! I got my first box on Wednesday (two days before it was due to arrive I might add!) and they have upgraded the packaging since I last got a box. It looks so sleek and professional. The best thing? It comes in totally disguised black packaging! Your postman (and other half!) won’t have any idea.

The box itself looks really pretty.


There will be spoiler of January’s box below. If you’re still waiting on yours and don’t want to see, look away now!
This is how it looks inside. See how it’s irresistible to even little hands?! Haha!

You get 4 boxes of goodies:

  • For you- Choc, healthy snacks, tea, makeup and skincare
  • For now- a little black pouch full of towels / tampons to pop in your bag
  • For night- night time towels / tampons
  • For later- towels / tampons to use either of your cycle is a little longer or next month

You also get a little envelope with discount codes in, and a book explaining what you get inside the box.

This month I got:

  • Vintage Rose soap (smells amazing!)
  • Sebamed clear face gel (because who doesn’t get spots at the time of the month?!)
  • Burts bees cleansing cream
  • Wonderland mascara with fibres
  • Seacret samples (a lot of them!)
  • Creative Nature health bar
  • Nairns oat biscuits
  • Montezumas milk chocolate
  • Cuppanut infusion tea bag

The discount codes I received

In terms of towels and tampons you get more than enough to last your cycle.

The amount you get in the ‘for now’ pouch

The ‘for later’ box holds around 8 towels

The ‘for night’ box has plenty of towels inside. Perfect for my cycle length


The amount of items you get is brilliant for the money you pay, it really is. I hate having to buy normal and night towels, usually at £4 a pop! With Pink Parcel you get lots of goodies to help get you through your monthly as well as the essentials. I used to subscribe to other monthly beauty subscriptions but cancelled them as they always included products that were too expensive and I never really used them. You can guarentee i’ll always use the bits I get with these boxes!

If you would like to sign up, but aren’t sure if it’ll be for you, bear in mind that you can cancel at any time if you don’t like it. To sign up, just log onto, enter your details, choose whether you would like to receive towels or tampons (you can even choose which brand you get!), choose what date you’d like to receive your monthly boxes, and away you go!


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