Organix porridge / baby rice Review

We have been secretly testing away the Organix range since Evie started weaning.

We started with 2 boxes, the Strawberry and banana porridge and the plain baby rice. At the beginning of Evie’s weaning journey I tried both of these with no luck. After a couple of weeks of only eating fruit /veg purees I thought that I would give it a go again. Nope. Hated it. Then it occurred to me, I had been using her Nutramigen milk to make it up! So I had a taste and jeez that milk tastes awful. I could imagine it tastes a LOT better with ‘normal’ baby milk! 

From then on I was making both up with water and guess what? Evie loves them! It was the only porridge I had found at the time that was organic and didn’t have milk in so I was absolutely over the moon. 

The packaging for all of the Organic products is simple, colourful and really appealing. It looks professional.

The baby rice is a very similar texture to the porridge, but I’ve used it for lots of things as it’s a bit more flexible and not flavoured. I have used it to thicken up watery purees like peach or pear, I’ve added veg & stock to it to make thicker soup, I’ve even added finely chopped prunes/apricots and fruit purees, it really is versatile and I found Evie had no reactions at all when using it.

The strawberry porridge I have tried myself. Not by bowlfuls! I just mean, I had a lick of a spoon. Although it’s quite bland for me, I read somewhere that babies have double the tastebuds we do or something like that, so it was probably an explosion of goodness for her. Again, she liked it and did her classic approval “mmmm” with a cheeky smile after her first bite, so I knew she liked it! 

The great thing about both of these is that you can add less milk as you go through your weaning journey. Less milk makes them thicker/ more textured which is great for getting babies used to different textures. Adding various things like prunes, pear, apple & cinnamon made it easy for Evie to get used to textures without having to add a flavour that she hadn’t tried before.

The only niggle I have with these is they’re quite expensive. I guess you could say this about any baby cereal to be honest as none of it lasts very long, but it seems organic stuff is always a bit steeper in price. Personally, if it meant Evie getting a taste of different foods then I’d pay for it, but I know some people either can’t or won’t. 

Even 3 months down the line we use these along with Oatly milk which makes them even creamier. No kidding, I’d eat them myself! 

We were sent both items to review by Organix and all opinions stated in the post are my own 🙂 


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