Fisher Price Jumperoo Review

We have been using the Fisher Price Roaring Rainforest Jumperoo for 2 months, so it feel it appropriate to review how we have got on with it so far.

The Jumperoo has three different ‘main’ activity sections, situated in a circle around the seat, along with a sensory butterfly teether and a stationary roller rattle. It has 3 easily adjustable height positions and has material covering the springs which is brilliant protection for those little fingers that will try to reach up to grab the monkeys (that are very close to the springs).

The general look of the Jumperoo is very colourful, it looks entertaining. The only trouble we’ve found with the appearance of it is it’s size. It’s a brilliant size, and does fold up too, but we live in a small 2 bedroom house and can only just fit our sofa into our living room never mind the Jumperoo. Don’t worry we managed it, but it does have to get folded up after every use!

This is where we ‘store’ it. I was going to take a pretty picture but this is exactly where it is all the time, & that’s what I want to see if I’m looking at a review 🙂

The music can be switched on and off. It has 2 different volume settings as well as 2 music settings, one being nursery rhymes and the other being generic songs. The nursery rhymes setting did get old quite quickly, and because the songs are constant I don’t think they kept Evie’s attention too long. The generic music is short and sweet, and your child has to knock the music section of the seat piece to make the music come on again, so it rewards them for being active & bouncing. Evie looks so proud when she has managed to do it and has a crazy half an hour celebrating….which includes more bouncing!

The seat swivels 360 so it encourages your child to turn around to view and interact with the different sections.

I’m not sure if there is a minimum age suggestion ot this product (I couldn’t see one) but we put Evie in this from around 4 months, when she could hold her head steady. She’s absolutely loved it since. So much so that if we ever went on holiday I would struggle to think of something to keep her as entertained as the Jumperoo does!

The only thing I found is when on the lowest setting, at 5 months Evie is too tall for it. On the next setting up she’s too short (doh!) so we have to put towels/blankets underneath to make the height up.

The seat cover is easily removed and is fully washable. With Evie having CMPA our household items are really taking a beating with sick ups, but this is still looking as good as new 2 months on!

The Fisher Price Roaring Rainsforest Jumperoo gets an amazing thumbs, toes & fingers up from the Hibbs household! We love it!


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