Silver Cross Pioneer Review

I remember the day me and Jon were walking around mothercare looking for our pram system. I was something like 16 weeks pregnant at the time & I had my eye on the ICandy series, so was fully expecting to go “THATS the one” to an ICandy. There were hoards of parents to be trying them out and we didn’t want to wait that long, so we took a look at the other pushchairs on show instead. As soon as we saw the Silver Cross Pioneer we knew it was the one! It looked sleek, stylish, it felt smooth when we pushed it and when we looked online it came with a free car seat…. bonus!
Just like a lot of other excited expecting parents, we just HAD to put it up and see how it worked. I am superstitious but my excitement got the better of me- whoops!

In assembly stage, we struggled mainly with the carrycot element. I remember thinking where on earth does this go, you fold these things down?! And how does this zip fit here?! The instructions are great but don’t really explain much in terms of assembling the carrycot, so I resorted to watching YouTube vids!

Silver Cross describe the Pioneer as “big, bold, generous and robust; designed for life on the go. It’s suitable from birth to toddler and includes a luxury lie-flat newborn carrycot as well as a pushchair seat. Incredibly easy to fold and a breeze to push, Pioneer is the perfect modern pram system.” To be fair… I think that description is quite accurate!

The Pioneer handles outside terrains really well. We have used it on grass, pavement, carpet, all sorts and we have never had any issues. The only niggle we have is that it is hard to steer if the wheels are locked in place to move forward. The wheels do occasionally jam when going down kerbs, especially the higher ones. They tend to move sideways and obviously you can’t move the pram when the wheels are in that position, so you have to wiggle it around a little to get them right again. This doesn’t happen very often, and is more due to the angle I try to go down the kerb I think.

Quality really is a big point for Silver Cross, their pushchairs are very well designed, even the ones we looked at but didn’t buy were brilliant. The Pioneer now comes in either chrome or black chassis to choose from and we have the chrome.
I love the look of it as it really makes the pram look clean & sleek!

img_1961CUP HOLDER! Silver Cross have been ingenious and also thrown in a cup holder. I think this is brilliant. I use it for both bottles and my own drinks.

I will openly admit that it is crazily easy to fold. It is a simple case of holding a button whilst pulling the two ring pull levers and that’s it. It IS however, a little large. We have a 2 bedroom house and we cannot think of anywhere easily accessible to store it because it is quite wide and thick. We could pop it in our shed but being afraid of spiders I just can’t! I think we would have the same issue no matter what pram we bought, so I can’t complain about it really!

The carrycot looks and feels really comfy. It is made from a bamboo material which keeps baby cool in the summer and warmer in winter. Taking the carrycot off is really simple too, with just the pull of the black catches on each side, it is easy to whip off and store.


The hood/apron pack you get is really nice and there are so many colours to choose from, all of which look just like they do on the website. I think the apron especially really helps keep the warmth in and it looks so stylish.
You can  change where the hood is situated too. There are 2 slots to attach it to, meaning you can have it further towards you or further towards baby, depending on the amount of shade you wish there to be. The hood is great, but you definitely need a parasol or one of the sun shades you can buy, as it is still very easy for the sun to get in little ones eyes.

The shopping basket is brilliant. I can comfortably go to our local shop and buy our top up food with a bit of room to spare. The only thing that’s a bit of a bummer is that the carrycot is lower than the seat unit, so naturally you won’t have as much space underneath whilst your baby is in the carrycot. You can still fit a sizeable amount in though.

This may sound a silly thing to point out, but the handle has 4 different height options and is situated in a brilliant place, right in the middle of the bar. This makes it super easy to change the height when needed and not worry about doing it accidentally whilst you are walking. The handle has a leather look about it, which really makes it look stylish and classy.


The rain over comes in a handy bag and is so easy to fix to the pram if you get caught in good old British weather. It has a zip that goes from one side of the hood, to the other so that you can effortlessly tend to your baby if needs be.

The brake is so easy to use. You push down on the red pedal with your foot when wanting to brake and then a green button when you want to move. So easy!

Now that Evie is 5 months, she has outgrown her carrycot, so we have moved onto the seat unit. This has 3 recline positions and the foot plate is also movable.

I have been using the Pioneer for just over 5 months now and apart from a mark on the footplate, it looks brand new! I use it almost everyday and don’t treat it the best in the world, so it really shows how good quality it is.

I am so happy that we made the decision to buy the Pioneer. We’ve had various people stop us in the street & ask us how it is to use, and every time I tell others to buy it. I am officially a Silver Cross convert!


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