Sleepyhead Deluxe Review

If you read my ‘Newborn Must Haves’ post you will remember that I mentioned our old faithful Sleepyhead Deluxe and I said that I would do a review on our experience with it.
Incidently, and for reasons that I will note a little later on in the post, we have packed it away in storage. Because of this I thought it was the ideal opportunity to write our review!

Sleepyhead of Sweden’s founder Lisa Furuland came up with the idea of the Sleepyhead when her son was born and she wanted something more snug than a cot, a blanket or a bouncer. The products are sold around the world and it really has become a big contributor to all of the ‘newborn must haves’ YouTube videos I have seen.

The Sleepyhead  is available in either the Deluxe (0-8 months) and the Grand (9-36 months) editions. We purchased the deluxe version for Evie as we bought it for her newborn stage.

The quality of the Sleepyheads are just brilliant. They feel so soft and you can tell that thought really has been put into them in order to make them the comfiest, most snuggly item they can be.

They are a little expensive, for example the white Deluxe is priced at £110 currently on John Lewis, and the Grand is £165, but for us they are worth their weight in gold. We got ours on a good deal at £75 so it really is worth looking around and waiting to see if you can grab a bargain. The covers you can buy for them are currently around £45 on John Lewis, which in my opinion is pretty steep, hence why I haven’t bought any, but I do wish I had bought at least one other. As Evie is very sicky I found myself constantly washing and hoping that it would dry on the line before her next nap time. I got caught out on some rainy June days and had to use a hairdryer, or had to attempt to recreate the Sleepyhead with blankets with just the pillow parts. I would hate to think what would have happened if it was winter! In basics, even though they’re quite pricey, if you buy a Sleepyhead I would recommend you buy at least one cover to go with it, to save your sanity if your child won’t sleep in anything else.

You can buy both the Deluxe and Grand in different designs, but they do vary in price.
As you can see, we got the white as it was on offer at the time, but you can buy different covers if you would like to have a change every now and again.

Although, I have never had to use a stain remover on the cover (it washes up really really well!), with it being white and Evie being sicky, we found that we had to clean it a lot. This was either due to random marks/dirt making the white fabric look grubby, or because of spit ups (I know spit ups are to be expected!). If we had bought a slightly darker cover we could have gotten away with washing less as it wouldn’t look grubby with dirt as quickly, and we could protect it from spit ups with a muslin.
You may also note that we have a Chicco Next2Me co-sleeper. I’ll do a review on that too in time, but it is the Deluxe Sleepyhead that is inside it in the picture. It only just fits into the Next2Me, so if you were to buy the Grand I don’t see any way of it fitting. Although, by the time your little one moves into the Grand they will probably be in their own cot anyway.

Does it work?
Let’s go onto how Evie took to it. Which, to be fair, was pretty amazingly. As a newborn she was quite picky. She would like being swaddled then want freedom at her next nap time, she’d like being on her side then wanted to be on her back. In her Sleepyhead she seemed so much more settled and easier to put down. She looked really cosy and from 9 weeks was sleeping through the night. Now I’m not making promises, but I really do think that the snugness of the Sleepyhead helped keep her feeling safe and happy. We have since found that she has a cow’s milk protein allergy, so for her to have slept through at all was pretty amazing. I really believe that this product helped. Here’s her at 1 month old taking full advantage of her space in there!

The only one thing I will point out with the Deluxe is that Evie is currently 4 months old and I can’t see any way of her fitting in it. Her arms would be a little squished, she may like this… who knows! But she is quite long too (nope, we have no idea where she gets this from either) which meant that we had to open the bottom of it at around 2.5 months. Her calves were hanging out the end of it touching the Next2Me by 3 months so I don’t see how she could have lasted until 8 months in the Deluxe.

I would love to buy the Grand but on my maternity pay we just don’t have enough money to. For that reason I had to try to wean her off the Sleepyhead slowly, which meant taking the bottom out, then the sides etc until she was just in her Next2Me. It went absolutely fine and she will now sleep in that ok.

All in all I can’t recommend this enough. With Evie’s reflux we ended up tilting it at an angle to help her pain and this stayed in place beautifully. It kept her nice and cosy, safe, I knew she couldn’t wriggle out and squish her legs as she loved putting them up on the sides, and I even bought it downstairs for her nap times downstairs!
It really has helped keep me sane, both as a new mum and a mum with a CMPA baby, throughout her newborn years. It is up there on my must have list it really is.
like I said I would have loved to have bought the Grand and also do a review on that, but funds are just so low I couldn’t afford it.

If you want to find out more about the Sleepyhead story and the products, head over to

I have added a few pics below to show you how much Evie loved her Sleepyhead and the many positions she found herself in!




2 thoughts on “Sleepyhead Deluxe Review

  1. srabird says:

    I love my sleepyhead as well – managed to get one about half price but I think even at full price if you use them most days it is one of the things that is worth buying …. sleep is such a precious commodity!


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