SassyBloom Box Subscription

On Monday we received our second SassyBloom box in the post. I cannot tell you how excited and impatient I have been about it arriving…. I even contacted customer service to see if it had been shipped last week!

I promised that I would do a review of their boxes & service once our second box arrived, so here it is!

SassyBloom boxes are tailored for children from pregnancy all the way up to 3 years old. They have recently added the ‘Sassy Kids Box’ which is the same concept aimed at children aged 3-8.
All boxes are age and gender specific and they tend to include lots of personalised items too….our first box included a towel with Evie’s name on!

They have 5 payment options:

  • Monthly – Payment is taken from your chosen account on a monthly basis – £29.95
  • 3 Months – Pay for 3 months and pay less for each box – total £86.85
  • 6 Months – Pay for 6 months and pay even less for each box – total £167.70
  • Annually – Pay annually for your subscription – total £311.40
  • 2 Years – Pay every 2 years for your subscription – total £598.80
The items you get sent all come in a gorgeous box like this one below

So, back to our box this month!

I did a little dance, showed Evie the brown packaging box it came in singing “our box of goodies has come!” and she looked at me like I had grown 5 heads. It’s alright though, because the first item couldn’t fit in the actualy SassyBloom so was placed on top…..

It was a Skip Hop Plush teddy!

14302389_10157431866585578_403644698_n.jpgRRP – £20

As I pulled it out Evie’s eyes lit up! It is almost as long as her and she finds it hard to grip but she really does love it. She’ll grab her arms out to touch it if its near her.


Here’s how the inside of the box looks



The first item inside the box was a Nuby Teether….


RRP – £3.99

Evie has been teething on and off for a little while now. The only frustrating thing is that she won’t hold anything up to her mouth to chew! She’d rather be a lazy bum and have us hold it or not chew it at all. Because of this, this hasn’t had lots of use, but i’m pretty sure it will come in great handy once teething is fully underway.


We were then greeted by a friendly looking Cheeky Chompers Hippo!

14269443_10157431866660578_1818529178_n.jpgRRP – £10.99

This has a hand velcro tie strap so that you can attach it to your child’s clothes to keep clean and safe. Evie stares at this and wonders if it’s going to do tricks then looks away, so isn’t too interested in it at the moment, but for comedy value I really hope she starts liking it…. heck I might just use it myself! He may already have ‘Chewy’ as a name but we’ve called him Henry.
She realises that he squeaks (like a dog toy) and she starts smiling. She’s into bright colours at the moment so I think that’s why Henry’s had the cold shoulder. He’ll get his time i’m sure!

Next in line is the Big Blue Creations Taggy

14302519_10157431866640578_1529988267_n.jpgRRP – £8.99

Evie is not too keen on this. Maybe she will be in future, and I do think it’s pretty cute, but to me its just too flat. I know it’s more of a comforter and a lot of children love these kinds of comforters (so can see it selling really well!), but Evie only has eyes for her white muslin! Anything flat and cuddley doesn’t stand a chance – whoops! It is great quality though and feels really soft. My child is just as picky as I am though so this isn’t quenching her toy thirst.


The last thing we received were these amazing Joey’s Flannel Fingers

14287638_10157431866740578_1902337704_n.jpgRRP – £9.99

Now these are something else! Literally just 2 days before my box arrived I was talking about how great it would be to have glove type flannels to wash Evie in the bath. We have one that you slip your hand in, shaped like a rectangle, and it just falls straight off it’s useless really.
These stay on our hands great & they lather up soap well….I’m really impressed!
I’m also pretty gutted because I thought I was onto a Dragon’s Den idea but seems like the great people over at Joey’s beat me to it.
I’d have bought these outright if I knew about them and they hadn’t come in this box.

We are looking at a combined price of £53.96 for this box, which is great considering it cost us £29.95!
If you want to get your hands on a subscription, head on over to and choose which plan you would like to go for. It really is worth it, even if you were to get one box to try. You can cancel at anytime and their customer service team are really lovely – even when  customers like me keep emailing to ask when theirs will be arriving 😉

Although I was hoping for more items that Evie would love, I’m really looking forward to receiving our next box! She will definitely use the other items we received but in true diva style- only when she is ready!

Do you receive any baby/pregnancy related subscription boxes? If you do please let me know about them as I would love to check them out!


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