Child’s Farm Review

I thought what better way to kick start my reviews off, than by reviewing the bath products we have been using on Evie since she was newborn. We’ve settled on Child’s Farm and they have really worked well for us.

Child’s Farm products have 98% naturally derived ingredients, so are suitable for children newborn age all the way to us adults! All products from the Child’s Farm range have the ‘Happy Skin Promise’ which is listed below:

✓  Dermatologically tested and approved

✓  Paediatrician approved

✓  Suitable for newborns and upwards

✓  Suitable for children with sensitive and eczema prone skin

✓  98% naturally derived ingredients

✓  Made with organic essential oils

✓  Free from parabens, SLSs, mineral oils and artificial colours

✓  Never tested on animals, only on people

✓  Tested and approved by my little ones for you to use on yours

All products have been clinically tested (yes, even on newborn skin!) so you really know that the products have been properly tried and tested and more importantly, are as kind to skin as they say they are.

As a little note before, we have used so many different types of bath products (first being Johnsons- big no no!) and they have all really aggrevated her Eczema and also dried out her skin. Therefore, these products will probably work really well for adults and children who suffer with skin conditions like Eczema.

I have purchased some of the products via Amazon’s subscribe and save service, which means cheaper items that come whenever we need them…. perfect!

Products are currently £3.99 in boots!

I’ll start by saying that I use a prescribed cream for Evie which is melted in her bath water, called Cetraben. This stuff stops ANY bubbles from forming, it’s rubbish for children really! So when I went to  use the Child’s Farm bubble bath I really didn’t think it would bubble at all. But look! It really has. Since we have been using this bubble bath Evie has been splishing and splashing like a crazy lady in the bath and i’ve subsequently come out of the bathroom with Evie in my arms looking like a drowned rat…. coincidence?! I think not! She loves the stuff, and if she loves the stuff then so do I!

The smell of each of the products I have tried is amazing, just devine. Having my little lady smell of oranges all day is definitely a highlight of the days when she has a bath. There are two similar ‘flavours’ Orange Tangerine and Organic Sweet Orange. But they smell SO different I can promise you. I will be trying more out from the range (amazon don’t do many so it’s a trip into town if I want others) so I will post a review of the rest of the range when I get my hands on them.

I’ll let you into a sneaky secret too….I may or may not have tried this on my own hair and it may or may not have been amazing and really cleaned it. Like, really cleaned it. I suffer with seborrhoeic dermatitis and this hasn’t flared it up at all and my hair is so shiny. And the moisturiser is brilliant too, I use that everytime I come out of one of the rare baths I have now I have a child. So I’ve ordered a bottle for her and one for me. I’ll be trying the actual shampoo and conditioner myself soon!


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