Bye bye pics! A lesson to all mums

I am THE unluckiest person in the world. If you ask anyone that knows me they’ll tell you. Before I got with Jon his luck was okay, nothing really seemed to go wrong. The moment he got with me his luck went downhill! I am actually like a bad omen it’s crazy.

Anyway….back to the aim of this post. My was restarting itself over the period of a couple of days. I didn’t think anything of it & I was going to back it all up etc when I had time this week. It was one of those ‘I’ll do that when I get 5 mins’ things. Well. about a week ago it restarted itself….and got stuck at the apple logo! Seriously! I won’t go into detail….but it was done for. I was trying to fix this stupid phone for 11.5hours straight. No food no drinks, feeding Evie and playing whilst doing it. I tried everything but in the end my last hope was a clean reset.….gone. GONE! My last back up was 27th April. Evie was born 10th May! I have lost everything. I have salvaged a few pics and vids from Lifecake, Instagram, Facebook etc but I am currently trying to forget the whole situation happened so won’t talk about it anymore…. but I take this as a lesson.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, MAKE TIME TO BACK YOUR PHONE UP! I’ll be doing it 3 times a WEEK now. And backing up to 3 different places. Too many precious memories and videos and pictures to lose!



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