New Direction

I have decided that i’d really like to make my blog something more. It’s always been my ultimate goal but I never felt I had any content until Evie came along…. then when she did suddenly my life revolves around this gorgeous little person and time on my laptop becomes very sparse! We’re getting a routine going now so thought it would be the ideal opportunity to begin blogging more. I’d like to grow it and include new things rather than just my rambling because lets face it…. we can all babble a lot sometimes!

I am hoping to do a review of some baby products one by one. Some that we have been using and then i’ll be buying some that I would like to try, I am also hoping to start some subscription boxes that I can also review each month too.

I’ll be incorpating my instagram a little more with my blog, so i’ll be notifying of any new posts via Insta and will be giving sneak previews of upcoming posts on there too. I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth into something I have been wanting to do for a long while. If you wish to follow me on instagram, my username is Marisha__x, or I also have it linked on my home page on here.I tend to post lots of pics of Evie along with my mums dogs and of course Bella the cat 🙂


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