IVF Baby Evie 14 Week update

Evie is 14 weeks now and is sleeping through! I may have jinxed things by saying this but she will go to sleep around 9pm and wake up between 6&7am. This has been ongoing since she was around 10 weeks. I know that I am very lucky as other mums I know are still struggling with night feeds! We have had to increase her milk to 8oz 😱 but she is feeding less frequently now too so is having anything from 28 to 35oz a day, which I believe is the ‘norm’. She is such a happy little girl and we are so lucky to have our bubs. I got her weighed 2 weeks ago and she was 13lb13oz.

We have had our first laugh!

We are still struggling with reflux. It seemed to get a lot worse and with the *ahem* digestive effects gaviscon was having on her I just thought I cant keep her in pain like that, so have taken it upon myself to stop giving it to her. I switched to carobel and she has had a couple nappy accidents but since Sunday it was back to a similar situation to the gaviscon, so I’m braving it and not giving her anything with her feed. We went through a sleepsuit,5 bibs, 2 tops & 4 vests yesterday from 10am which wasn’t too bad at all.

Drs are useless and even told me to i’d benefit from getting the HV to see me at home to “advise me” as I’m a first time mum. That made me furious! Just because I kept taking her back as the gaviscon wasn’t working and I wanted something for the digestive issues as lactulose doesn’t work! She gave me the “I know it doesn’t help now, but it will go away you know, she’ll grow out of it”. It’s funny they say that, as a lot of reflux babies DON’T grow out of it as there’s an underlying cause, and I have always been told it’ll start getting better once she is 3 months.

It’s important to note that many parents/carers who have a child with reflux don’t just need to deal with the effects of the reflux (i.e spit up, pain etc) it’s physically and mentally exhausting on them too and if they’re child is anything like Evie they’ll have digestive, skin and airway issues. Evie has sneezed a lot since birth. We expected it as I had a c section, but it has got worse over the last couple of months. Her eczema although not to the extent of being cracked, is getting worse despite various ointments. I won’t go into the digestive part! But I knnow something is up. I have been repeatedly told “well she isn’t lactose intolerant or allergic to milk as she doesn’t have any bowel issues, she’s completely the opposite”, but I was convinced the Gaviscon was blocking her and hiding those issues…. but I didn’t get listened to I just pretty much got laughed at.

I have spoken to a lot of parents who have been in my situation this past week and guess what…. every one of them had children diagnosed with a Cow’s Milk Protein Intolerance/ Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy, or plain Dairy allergy! They told me to try a different formula called Nutramigen to see if it helps, and if it does, play hell with Doctors until they prescribe her it. So that’s what i’m doing! She’s had her second bottle of it this morning and loves the stuff. Everyonewarned me she’d hate it but she doesnt, so i’m impressed!
I can tell what the Dr is going to say to me tomorrow when I tell him i’ve switched her formula, but i’m at my wits end and feel like iI just go into the Drs to be told i’m being a hypocondriac mother and that I should just give things time.

I shouldn’t have to keep fighting and being knocked down with the “you’re a first time mum, she’s just a sickly baby and the reflux will go” essay every time I go in to tell them the gaviscon isn’t working. But we will get there!

Other than reflux Evie is just so so happy. And so am I! It’s hard being a reflux mum (and costly with all the washing!) but It’s opened my eyes early to how pushy you have to be with Drs, and how much our tiny little babies rely on us to help them through the uncomfiness and pain.

I have taken so many pictures, so will pop some below. I just love her so much. I gained a best friend the day we had that embryo transferred into me!


If you want to see more of me/Evie then please gofollow me on Instagram! There’s a link on my home page, otherwise my name is Marisha__x on there 🙂


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