IVF baby Evie (Almost) 10 week update

Wow…. I haven’t posted for so so long. There IS a reason. Evie has reflux and I have been so tied up with rotating clothing/muslin cloths in the washing machine (I know how silly it sounds but fellow mums with reflux-y babies will understand!) and making sure she’s as comfy as possible that I have hardly had time to sit down (literally). I wouldn’t have it any other way, but this reflux lark is hard! She doesn’t tend to sleep or nap very well because of it along with a lot of other things, but I’m content in knowing that it’ll be making its disappearing act soon as her body develops 🙂 for the moment she’s on Gaviscon infant to try to help along with comfort milk and also the usual keeping her upright for half an hour-and hour after feeding etc. 

She is just the smiliest baby I’ve ever known! She’s got the cheekiest grin and the funniest dirty look. She has grown so much since she was born and each week it seems that literally overnight she suddenly grows a bit more….it feels like it’s all going past in such a blur! It’s bittersweet, because on one hand you never want them to grow up, you want them as your little baby forever. On the other you want them to grow, to develop their personality and to do all the adventures you have planned. 

I have a bag full of her newborn/up to 1 month clothes and I always thought I’d be tough and strong and not want to cry when I took them out of her draws….but I totally had to hold back the tears haha!

I can’t wait to post about the adventures we will go on and the laughs we’ll have along the way. I hope I have the same bond with Evie as I do my own mum. If I do half the job my mum did then Evie will think of me the same I think of my mum and that would be amazing 💕.

I’ll end this quick post with a few pics of her as she really has grown so much.

My mum has 6 dogs (we did have 9) and my little man Archie and the family nutter Toby are completely besotted with her. They absolutely adore her! I’ll be waiting for their reaction when she starts walking and crawling up to them 😉


One thought on “IVF baby Evie (Almost) 10 week update

  1. srabird says:

    aww what a little cutie! Sorry that you’re both struggling with the reflux – one of my friends babies also has it so I know how time consuming it can be!
    Evie looks so happy! lovely post x


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