34 Weeks Pregnant

Ahhhhh today I am officially 34 WEEKS PREGNANT! What.on.earth. In 6 weeks our baby is due. She may even come earlier than that! I can’t quite get my head around the fact that I’m going to be giving birth in a matter of weeks. It doesn’t seem real, and it feels like all these pokes and kicks and movements inside me are all fake. I can’t imagine myself going into labour at all. I’m sure it’s normal, especially with a first child, but doesn’t help when I’m all excited whilst at the same time feel like I’m playing mummies and babies like we did when we were 5!

My maternity leave starts today, well, I’m taking all my 20 days annual leave before it ‘officially’ starts on the 28th April. But oh my I cannot describe how good it feels to wake up when I want and to be able to say I’m finally able to get ready for this baby! I can wash all of her clothes, I can decorate the living room, I can organise the house, I can CLEAN! And I’m hoping to do it all before I get too big to be bending around haha. I’m still quite small, although have definitely grown. If I walk around with a tighter than usual top on people will ask when I’m due. I totally find myself having to hold back from saying “due? I’m not pregnant…..”! 

On another note, baby keeps clicking. No joke. Has anyone else had this? For the last few days every now and again (even if she isn’t moving!) I’ll here a very audible ‘click’ coming from my stomach. It sounds like when you get up off the floor and your knees click, or when you walk and your ankles click. Very weird. Maybe she’s learnt how to click her fingers haha

Heartburn is easing! But I’ve been prescribed a strong Gaviscon and have to take it 4 times a day, so that’s probably why. I can’t breathe most days, and it’s so much worse when I have eaten in the afternoon I feel like I’m having a panic attack. Waiting anxiously for her to drop now so I can enjoy breathing again.

Bella the cat is still clingy. She actually wants to be on my bump now too, which is hard as laying on my back makes breathing loads worse! I’m trying to give her as much attention as I can before the big day arrives, and have ordere a refill of our Feliway too which will hopefully help. I’ll be scent swapping too, so when baby is born I’ll ask Jon to go into the house (either with me at hospital or in the car) and give her time to smell the clothes baby has worn. 

The Sleepyhead arrived yesterday! Can’t wait to use it in the Chico next to me or when we go round to Jon’s mums 🙂 
It’s slowly getting real now, just want her to be here so my pregnancy uncomfiness can disappear. Although the I have loved the whole time, I’m definitely ready to have a little bubs looking up at me.


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