31 weeks Pregnant

I’ve made it to 31 weeks. Wow. A year ago Jon and I were eagerly awaiting Nurture to get in touch with us to tell us that an egg donor has been found, thinking we’d be waiting over a year. In just 3 days time it’ll be exactly a year since I took the call at work to say that a donor match was available and ready to start ASAP. Now i’m sat here feeling our munchkin wriggling around! It’s crazy how much has changed in a year, and I know it’ll change even more when she finally arrives.
I feel like my pregnancy has gone REALLY quickly. A little too quickly recently and my brain is trying to catch up with all my emotions. But at the same time feel like i’ve been pregnant forever! It’s so strange.

I said i’d update with pics once we had our private scan, but i’ve been so busy and been suffering a little with the dreaded return of exhaustion that I just haven’t managed to open my laptop for ages- sorry! I’ve had really bad heartburn again. I have turned to Gaviscon liquid, which I might add, and i’m sure anyone else will agree, has the taste and texture of a certain bodily fluid produced by men. Cue me heaving everytime I take it ewwww.
I’ve lost count of the amount of times people have stopped me in the street and said “I didn’t even know you were pregnant!” or “wow you’re so small considering how far along you are”. I feel lucky because i’m not waddling too much right now, but at the same time I just want people to SEE that i’m pregnant. It totally isn’t evident still haha.
I’m struggling with my breathing, which I know is normal at this stage but I know that i’ll have to mention to my consultant in case it affects my existing heart condition. I’m still hoping for a water birth too! I’m starting to really suffer with hip.back pain too now. I even had to take today off work as I couldn’t physically walk! I’m not normally THAT bad, so it was out of the blue when I woke up this morning. Hopefully I won’t get another repeat of that anytime soon, at least until I go on maternity leave.

So anyway, here are a couple pictures we managed to get in our private scan at 29+2. She had the cord in her face a lot, was squished up to the womb on one side of her face and the placenta on the other, as usual!! Some really do look like i’m going to birth an alien, which i’m still considering because feeling her move is some kind of freaky stuff in itself.
Oh and she has HUGE cheeks!!




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