Fetal Hospital Monitoring!

I had my glucose tolerance test on Monday. It wasn’t bad at all, however I have now discovered that I hate Lucozade and also discovered that it was almost impossible to drink a regular Mcdonalds sized cup of it within 10 minutes! I was told that I would get a call yesterday if I had gestational diabetes, so I took no news as good news and celebrated with chocolate haha. Just as a warning to anyone who is having theirs done, I did feel absolutely exhausted as soon as I got home and fell asleep. I woke up feeling like i’d not slept in days so I think I had a major sugar crash. I’m glad I told work that I wouldn’t be going in that day, even though I am office/desk based I couldn’t have functioned at all if I went in.

As of yesterday morning I hadn’t felt bubs move much at all since Sunday night except maybe once while having my test at 8am. So being 28+5 I phoned my midwife….who told me to phone the labour ward….who then told me to phone the antenatal baby care unit! They told me that I needed to go in to be monitored to make sure baby was okay and my mum offered to take me.

I got hooked up to the monitor and after about 10 minutes guess who started to move around and wriggle? Yep. The little bum! Last night she was on one wriggling, and she has been moving about all day today too.
I have had words and told her that she had better not be starting as she means to go on because daddy might be a bit of a pushover but mummy definitely isnt 😉
I did get a little told off by the lady at the ABC unit. She was lovely, but she said I shouldn’t worry about pestering them in future and if I don’t feel movements regular after 6-8 hours I must give them a call to go straight in again. Was nice to know I hadn’t been overreacting, but felt a bit silly knowing that I shouldn’t really have left it so long. I know for future though!
It was kind of funny though. If you ask anyone, they’ll agree that when me and my mum get together, we nearly get chucked out of wherever we are. We end up laughing for whatever reason….hysterically. So we had to try and tone it down whilst we were there yesterday! Bubs started wriggling when Bob Marley came on the radio in the car the other week. Then yesterday mum kept saying Bob Marley and her heartbeat would go right up to 157bpm before dropping back down to 140bpm after! So funny! Probably just a coincidence but made me smile.

I’ll be doing another little update on Saturday/Sunday after our private scan. Hopefully little one plays ball and lets us get lots of pics and videos because this is costing lots of money 🙂


2 thoughts on “Fetal Hospital Monitoring!

  1. srabird says:

    Exactly the same thing happened to me! My midwife told me off for waiting for so long before calling, everything was fine but it’s so difficult to tell when to react and when not to! Glad everything is going well xx

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