25 Weeks Pregnant

So today I’m 25+5 & had my midwife appointment too. I’ve been pretty healthy this second trimester except for major heartburn/acid reflux that actually makes me sick. I think I mentioned my useless Dr who wouldn’t prescribe me anything for it in a previous post. I’ve been buying my own expensive supply of Zantac to try to help major attacks. Still doesn’t help completely but oh well!

Anyway, I saw a student midwife today, she was so so lovely and I wouldn’t mind seeing her next time! She asked about movements and I did mention that I had not really felt little one for a while now. She got herself into a proper routine of wriggling around as I sat at my desk at 9.30am then would be relatively quiet again until around 7pn where she’d be dancing away all night. She asked how long is not felt much movement for and said she was quite concerned (tbf I’ve been concerned but because I felt mini kicks once a day or so I just brushed it off) and she was considering sending me to be assessed. She measured then felt my belly & said everything was fine. She checked the heartbeat which sounded perfectly healthy and she double checked with my usual midwife re getting me assessed….who said at 25 weeks babies don’t have a pattern so it isn’t too much of a concern unless it progresses to 28weeks. Surely by then it could be too late? And my bubs did have a pattern! 9.30-10.30am every day and then again at night! I dunno, the student midwife still seemed concerned but told me that if anything else happens, or if the lack of movements continues in the coming weeks I should phone either them or the hospital. So that was a long, eventful appointment!

On the plus side, we booked another private scan at the weekend. I just cannot go until birth to see our little one again and I think she’ll really appreciate being able to look back when she’s older! We didn’t book with window to the womb because of our last treatment, so we booked for baby bond in Mothercare instead. It’s booked for 27th Feb so I just can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚

Everyone keeps saying that I’m small for 25 weeks, and on my Facebook group even first time mums due around the same week as me look at lot bigger. I must be one of the unlucky ones that never really seem very pregnant….I’m just hoping for a nice big bump to pop up at some time. I can’t see my toes, and I do have a bump that people have noticed, but still! 

I’ve started to make a few headbands for baby when we do her monthly photos. I made my first last night and it was okay….if anyone has any tips please let me know as I can’t find many good diy step by steps anywhere.


2 thoughts on “25 Weeks Pregnant

  1. srabird says:

    I’m the same! really don’t look pregnant at all – I think I just look more fat! I guess we should count ourselves lucky, as I’ve heard once you get the huge bump it really gets in the way! Eeek for the mini student midwife scare – I did a bit of a google (bad, I know!) which supported what your usual midwife said so I wouldn’t worry, although I know how hard it is not to!


    • marie says:

      Well i’m glad i’m not the only one! My belly is definitely round…. I kind of popped on Saturday night overnight and i’m bigger than I was but I’m still tiny compared to everyone else!
      Baby is kicking behind my ribs this morning for the first time in weeks, so hopefully she was just getting a bit bigger the past few weeks and didn’t know what to do with herself. Pretty sure she hangs out towards my back so that’ll be why I don’t feel much ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you’re doing well! x


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