23 Weeks Pregnant

So that’s my maternity leave letter and MATB1 form handed in. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous doing so! I had to hand it direct to my operations manager as I work for a small manufacturing company of 9 people…. Only 3 of which are based in the office (myself, the ops manager and the owner!) the rest are warehouse staff. So it was always going to be hard giving my letter in, I hate rejection! But they can’t reject my decision so I guess I’m pretty safe.
Ops manager even went onto a website, pulled me over and had a quick look into what I might get (we don’t think it’ll be exactly what I’ll get but we’re both new to this!).
I do feel like a massive weight is off my shoulders now. I hadn’t even told anyone at work except my second mum (who doesn’t have a second mum that they work with?! Everyone needs one!) my due date. I didn’t want to say a definite date as the NHS put me ahead of what I actually am even though I knew solid dates due to IVF. But right now I’m just happy knowing that it’s out, that I’m leaving in approx 10 weeks and I cannot wait to start getting prepared and have some me time before baby is here. I’m taking all of my annual leave beforehand so I’ll actually have my last working day 30th March – whoop!

‘Baby’. Still feels weird to say that I will be having a child of my own soon. It has been my lifelong dream, even more so after the infertility issues, settling down & growing up. To be feeling little kicks and having scans and getting my MATB1 form it just feels like I need to wake myself up from this dream. I’m convinced I will wake up one day and this will be a big dream!

I cannot concentrate at work, I’m already in holiday mode. I know it’ll go by in a flash but time seems to be really dragging at the moment. I can’t wait to start my maternity leave!

We had our 20 week scan yesterday. It was very rushed as they were running an hour late, but it was nice to see bubs for a little time again. She’s grown a lot in 2 weeks it’s amazing, and everything looks absolutely fine we even saw her little face. She always has her hands around her face which is cute. I don’t think we have another scan anymore now, at least she didn’t tell us to book one so we just walked out! So I think we’ll be having a private scan at about 28 weeks to get some good 3D scans. Have popped a pic below 🙂




3 thoughts on “23 Weeks Pregnant

  1. marlys depasquale says:

    My business partners were searching for UK MAT B1 several days ago and encountered a business that hosts a ton of fillable forms . If you are interested in UK MAT B1 too , here’s https://goo.gl/FJx2qw


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