Fetal Movement!

I seriously had to put this down somewhere & tell the world!


I’m 19+5 today and with an anterior placenta I was gutted that I’d be waiting way over the half way point until we felt our little bubs. But on Sunday night I felt a big jolt in my tummy, looked down and it happened again…. My tummy actually jolted out! She was kicking on and off all night. I had a bit of movement yesterday morning at my desk too.

I’ve felt a churning type feeling for the last 2 weeks, like a stomach churning but obviously it was much lower than my stomach and was baby. That would usually happened between 6pm and the time I went to bed, and this happened from around 7pm. So looks like someone’s a night owl like mummy!

I kept telling Jon to look, but A) he doesn’t have the patience to keep staring and B) she stopped as soon as I told him to look! Little madam.

I’m just so happy…. Feel like it’s a Christmas present in itself feeling proper movement. Hopefully I can film it and send it to John for Christmas Day 🙂



One thought on “Fetal Movement!

  1. Brittany Funk says:

    That is so exciting!! It’s such an amazing feeling to have them move around and kick. My husband doesn’t have the patience either to keep his hand on my belly to feel the kicks but he finally got to feel it the other day. Congrats again!


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