I fell!

So. Lets talk falling!
I will brief everyone by saying that I never fall.

However, numpty here walked out my house today, turned to go onto the path next to my house and whoop, I fell flat on my hands and knees! I don’t remember falling on my side or bump, and I think i’d remember if I did, so I don’t see much point in phoning my midwife or getting a taxi to A&E.
I wouldn’t mind, but my OH wasn’t with me this morning and I’m now nursing a really bruised knee and a gash on my bloomin’ writing hand! I can’t walk or type, or pick up paper, or pick up the phone ooooopps.
I really just want to be home now and sulk. Usually i’ll brush it off, but being pregnant seems to have made me a whimpering mess haha.
I’m hoping my employer sends me home, because I can’t walk too well on my knee. I think I need ice packs!

Hopefully the rest of this week goes without any falls!



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