Gender Scan

So I can’t say window to the womb are very professional! The guy I think is the owner thinks it’s a great idea to be really loud and mouthy, and try to joke around with every single person in the room. He even started making out that I drain money from my mum and dad and run to them for money! (all because they came along!). He said to my mum “so youve managed to finally get rid of her then” and I said she’s been rid of me for a few years now, hoping that’d shut him up and make him realise that this isn’t an unplanned baby and we have our own home. To which he replied “yeah but you still just keep coming back don’t you” oh i’m sorry, didn’t realise you have an ability to know about peoples lives, while you’re at it… let me know where i’ll be in 5 years will you! I was so annoyed with his god complex. I don’t think the sonographer was too good, he didnt press on my stomach much at all, don’t even think I felt him! Which i’m convinced is why most of our pictures are quite blurry and un recognisable.

However, it was lovely to see baby moving around and looking all cosy. I’ve added a photo to the bottom of this in case anyone wants a quick look. I warn you… this picture is THE BEST one the sonographer took. Baring in mind baby wasn’t moving much. They had plenty of chances to get a good one 😦 but we’ll have a better one to post on the 30th 🙂 But she’s all snuggled up!


The results are in and we were told that we’re having a little baby girl!
I am beyond shocked & Jon is shocked too. We were absolutely convinced from the start that we were going to have a little boy, but as soon as we came out my mum said “I knew it was a girl…. the heartburn gave it away” haha!
So now we have the seemingly impossible task of finding a lovely girly name for our gorgeous little lady. We had kind of settled on a boys name yesterday & still had no idea about a girls name, so I think we need to have a good look online.

I’m dreaming all the pink stuff people will buy! Don’t get me wrong, the right colour pale pink is okay but me and Jon don’t really do the pink for girls blue for boys thing, we absolutely adore neutral colours (hence the nursery) so the idea of everyone now going out and buying us pink baby grows,vests,blankets etc just makes me so anxious. I don’t mind a bit but I know how you can get carried away lol! I have nothing against people who do the pink or blue thug, I don’t have anything nice against it, I just don’t really like the colour unless it’s pale haha!

I cannot wait for our 20 week scan to confirm if it’s a girl, and also obviously to check she’s still doing okay in there.



One thought on “Gender Scan

  1. missguinta9 says:

    Congrats!! I also am having a girl! I’m still very very shocked and feel lucky. I already have one boy, I assumed I would only be a momma to boys for some reason!


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