17 Weeks Pregnant….nearly halfway!

So today I’m 17+6. Since my last post Jon has managed to find a temporary job at his old workplace 30 odd miles away. A breeze you say? Not for us as none of us drive! He has to stay over his mums from Monday through to Friday when he finishes work early so that he can come back home for 3 nights. I can’t imagine how tiring it must be, or how emotionally hard it must be for him, but he’ll soon be able to get back into driving lessons and he can then drive to work if things go the way we hope. The things he’s done for me, and for the baby, is beyond anything I would ask for in a lifetime. I’m truly grateful to have such a loving and caring man in my life.

Pregnancy wise….I’m good! I’m not too tired anymore or nauseous but I DO seem to have my appetite for chocolate back-oops. I had my midwife appt yesterday and since the day after my embryo transfer I have gained a total of 7lb. No idea if that’s good or bad by 17 weeks but I’ll take it as an ok gain. I have started suffering majorly with heartburn. I hate moaning, because so many people would give anything to be in my position, I’ve been there, so I remain the happiest woman alive! I’m getting a prescription from the Drs hopefully as Gaviscon tablets are just EWW! 

No movements yet 😦 but the anterior placenta doesn’t help things. I TOTALLY forgot too….we booked a gender scan at a local private clinic for this Sunday. So in a few days time we will possibly know if bubs is a boy or girl. I’m beyond excited!!!

To anyone reading this who is TTC, beginning the journey to conceive or even pregnant, I wish you all of the luck and happiness in the world. No path worth taking is easy, there are always challenges and most of the time they’ll make you think you’re going crazy, but in reality, those are the things that keep you sane and keep you fighting stronger than ever before.



2 thoughts on “17 Weeks Pregnant….nearly halfway!

  1. srabird says:

    ah the joys of heartburn! Gaviscon seems to make me so sick, what did you get from the doctor – is it working? I’m glad Jon has managed to find something, and although it sounds tough it must take a bit of the money pressure off you guys. Good luck for the gender scan! Can’t wait for mine in Jan πŸ™‚ x


    • marie says:

      Aaaww thank you! Dr said absolutely nothing! Told me she wouldn’t want to prescribe me anything as Gaviscon is the only thing recommended. I told her it doesn’t work, asked if I could have Zantac (really popular in UK) and she didn’t even know what it was. I’m so annoyed! Good luck for yours in Jan! It’s so exciting isn’t it πŸ™‚ x

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