Dating scan

Today we had our dating scan & consultant appointment as I have to be under consultant led care because of my previous cancer. 

The lady doing the scan was pretty arsey, she ended up giving up trying to do the downs test after about 5 minutes, and she didn’t give us much information.

However, baby looked so happy! He/she even had a mini strop when she kept pressing harder to get a good angle! Pip would really kick their legs and push withtheir  back like they were having a strop….so funny! The scan lady said ‘he’s a naughty baby’ yeah she said he! So guessing she also had a feeling it’s a he lol! I couldn’t see a nub, so couldn’t look at the angles etc to figure if it’s a girl or boy….but the baby looks quite girly from the scan pic! Take a look for yourselves below πŸ™‚

Due to a slight weakening in my heart my consultant is having a meeting with the anaesthetists, management people and colleagues to see if I need to be monitored with an echo, but hopefully I won’t because I’m pretty sure if it’s significant enough for monitoring, I’m more likely to 1) have a caesarean, 2)be induced earlier or 3) have problems during pregnancy! Fingers crossed they say I’ll be okay to just take it easy.

I’ve been put forward 5 days too (how does that work when I’ve had IVF?!) but I’m now 13w6d πŸ˜€ 

Ps feel welcome to guess the gender πŸ˜‰ we can’t wait to find out!! X


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