12 Weeks Pregnant

Not a huge amount has happened since 9/10 weeks! My nausea has eased slightly, although I’m still off any healthy foods and smells send me right off! I definitely have a ‘pouch’ now. I look more like a fat kangaroo that’s given birth than a pregnant lady. I feel fat, and I mean FAT all day everyday so it is getting me down a little. Even my legs feel like tree trunks some days. I’m hoping it eases once a harder bump starts taking over.

We bought a Doppler off Amazon! It took ages to find the heartbeat at 11 weeks but we found it. Left it a week and tried again last week, thought hmmm can’t find it again. 10 minutes of searching and it was there. Baby must have been wriggling away and making it hard for me to find it šŸ™‚ I used it on Saturday night and i’m pretty sure bubs was kicking and wriggling around as I kept hearing a noise i’ve never heard before, definitely sounded like he/she was moving away in there & it made me jump!

I had a nerve type pain in my right side the other night….it really hurt! Hoping it’s not the start of PGD or anything. That would make walking to work a nightmare every day!

We have our dating scan on Wednesday, so I will be posting a pic once we have been. Weeks 2-10 went by so quickly but time seems to have really slowed down since. I’m wishing the days away!

We’re also announcing on Wednesday. Not sure how we’re doing it yet and OH is convinced we’re doing it on the way BACK from our scan. I want it properly planned and everything! I’ll also be popping this blog on our post in case any of our family/friends wanted to have a read of our journey. It’ll just be nice to not feel like we’re living under a sheet and shying away from everyone!


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