Pregnancy  Announcement!

Today is my OTD. I tested this morning…. There’s the faintest control line there and the test line is the darkest I’ve ever seen! So definitely still/ more pregnant (phew!) but last night did mark the start of the sore boobage which put my mind at ease after my last post worrying. I was bragging to Jon yesterday that I hadn’t yet had soreness and was overjoyed, then of course it started doh! 

I phoned clinic, who congratulated me & booked us in for a scan on the 28th 🙂 I think I’ll be classed as around 6 weeks + 6 so I’m hoping we’ll be able to hear a heartbeat by then 😀

What I do find weird is that we’ve had an NHS funded cycle, we were given a prescription for more cyclogest & progynova at ET, which we have actually had to pay for?! Has anyone else had this?! I’m assuming it’s not funded because it’s not a ‘necessity’ to have them now, but we could have done with a little more notice than 2 weeks to have to fork out for the medication :/

I’ve had so much cramping it’s unreal, it’s not like normal monthly cramps….it’s more….sharp? And it only lasts maybe 20 secs if that. I’m also so tired, I only fancy sweet things, I get out of breath so easily & I feel SO FAT all the time. Little pip is only the size of a poppy seed so I know im not truly showing, but my hips really have grown outwards and I definitely have more stomach than I did before! Clothes are just not comfy….. I’m dreading going back to work!!!

So all looks good so far….fingers crossed little one continues to get nice and cosy and strong 🙂


5 thoughts on “Pregnancy  Announcement!

  1. The EcoFeminist says:

    Congratulations (officially!)!!!!! My doc said if I get a positive I’ll be on both shots for 12 weeks til everything’s safe and sound. PS – We’re forking out $19,000 next week as it’s not covered by my husband’s health insurance here in the US – be happy yours was pretty much covered, it could be worse!!


    • marie says:

      Yeah it could have been worse. However you’d have been prepared for paying bills the amount you need to. I’ve already said previously we’re lucky as we get this one try on the NHS, but my OH gets paid weekly and we were never told we’d have to pay at any point, until my transfer day when she said ‘you have to source & pay yourself for these’ so I was kind of left to try and find best prices and also find money. We spent nearly a weeks wages on the meds, and it’s timed really bad as I’m due my monthly pay soon so I have nothing, and as my OH gets paid weekly at the minute it means we have no money until next Friday. It would have been fine if we’d known before/just as I got paid as we wouldn’t have spent as much on birthday gifts for family etc. it’s all worth it….totally. I’m just annoyed at my clinic. We get no insurance cover for fertility stuff here in UK so if we ever want another baby or if I miscarry, we’ll be paying full private pricing for everything in our next cycle which will be equivalent to what you pay. I wasn’t complaining about paying, I was complaining about not being told. Thanks for the congrats fingers crossed for you 🙂


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