Maternity clothes?!

I’m so bored!! I have 1 test, which I have to save for Saturday (my OTD) and I’m just so worried that something will go wrong. I am still tired, I’m in bed by 8pm! I’m hungry all the time and just fancy sweet things….I’d happily eat a bowlful of chocolate than have a proper meal. Obviously I’m still eating meals! I feel SO fat, my hips have totally grown out. They were always big anyway, but it’s to the point now where I’m not comfortable in my jeggings. I really hope I don’t need maternity clothes almost immediately!! our baby is only the size of a poppy seed so how can it cause sooooo much bloating. I’m ‘technically’ 4 weeks + 1 day pregnant now, and even though I’m hungry & tired I don’t feel like I have many symptoms, so it just worries me. I keep having a sharp cramp every now and again, which I’ve been hoping is just my body adjusting and things stretching etc but again, it worries me.

I guess the worry never goes away! I thought as soon as my time came to finally see those 2 lines, I wouldn’t worry as much…..oh boy I was wrong!!

I’m back to work on Monday and dreading it. I have no clothes that are comfortable and I’m tired by 3pm ahhhhh!! And of course the amount of work I’ll no doubt have đŸ˜¦


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