Do cats really sense things?

Im hoping this is proof that cats know if something’s going on inside you!! 

Ignore my stretch marks on the bottom pic!!

She has followed me around (ok she does that anyway!) but to the point where I was trying to hang washing out & she was REALLY meowing at me, like she was telling me to sit down! She’s slept on top of my stomach and has not stopped trying to knead in that general area too.

Wishful thinking or is Bella genuinely picking up on something?! 😁


6 thoughts on “Do cats really sense things?

  1. beanie says:

    My cats would not leave me alone when I was pregnant! They’d follow me, sleep with me, sleep ON me. And it continued until I popped my babies out 😉

    Good luck! Fingers crossed! Prayers, good juju, good vibes and all that sent 🙂


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