4dp5dt – IVF donor egg cycle

Is it bad to test today? I was a MASSIVE POAS addict when we were  trying before IVF. I’d easily go through like 15+ tests in one month!! 

My mind is telling me I should, so should I? Is it WAY too early? Is there no chance of me getting a BFP? What if it’s negative, I say that I’ll be fine & tell myself it’s too early but will I be secretly really upset?

I may test tomorrow, is that bad?! Oh man I don’t know, why is my head telling me to test?! I have bought a ‘prop’ in case I get a BFP, so that I can surprise Jon & get his reaction. But then I think, well would he want us to find out together?! I don’t know! 

I’ve had a nap each day in the afternoon, but not sure if this is just because I can! I do feel a little out of breath and I have a weird pain in my left rib cage, almost like *TMI* trapped wind, but not as excruciating! Hmmm.



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