A little bit of crazy…. 2WW

is what I’m going now!! 2dp5dt and I’m kind of regretting having the 2ww off work. But at the same time know it’s best for me. 

Every little twinge is making me go crazy with symptoms and this morning I woke up unhappy because I wasn’t feeling ANYTHING. I’ve got to keep my mind occupied because obsessing can’t be good can it?bsurely I wouldn’t have any symptoms this early anyway! 

Only another 11 days until I’m supposed to test…. Grrr!


11 thoughts on “A little bit of crazy…. 2WW

  1. The EcoFeminist says:

    Definitely keep busy! If you’re off work I suggest doing some mellow things like going for a hike or even seeing a movie solo to make the time go by. Do they have you on progesterone now? They did that post-IUI and I just hated that the symptoms of it all were similar to pregnancy (and that it’d cause false positives – being all silly like I am, I took one just so I could see what a positive looked like…I don’t recommend! LOL).

    Crossing fingers for ya!


    • marie says:

      Haha oh no but I bet it was kind of nice to see a positive even if it was from medication. I’m on progesterone pessaries (cyclogest) & have been since my lining scans now, and have to continue them until my pregnancy test. Maybe the ones that aren’t injections don’t interfere with test results?! I have no sore boobs or other preg symptoms on them 🙂 I’m definitely going for a walk tomorrow!! Will be getting my Netflix out tomorrow too so hopefully a few series will keep me busy- thank you so much for the ideas!! I’m worried because I have a PMS symptom…. I just want chocolate! 😦 hoping it does mean bad news is coming xx

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      • The EcoFeminist says:

        Mine were suppositories (ooh fun!). But right now I’m on the Lupron part so my symptoms right now are menopausal – hot flashes! So weird. Hey if you DIDN’T crave chocolate I’d be worried 🙂


      • marie says:

        Ohhh I’ve been in the menopause naturally twice & because of my buserelin once…. I’m evil in that state haha hope the hot flashes ease for you, they can really wear you down lol . Oh man I really am! And I feel so fat so it’s like there’s no helping me at the minute haha!

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