Transfer day!! ICSI embryo 

I can’t begin to describe how I felt this morning! An unbelievable mix of excitement and nerves!

Transfer went GREAT! I was going to take a pic of me and Jon in our surgery gear but we only just had chance to get them on before we were whisked off haha. Out of the 9 that fertilised, they were able to get 2 A grade and 3 B grade blastocysts!!! So they transferred and A grade & have frozen the remaining ones 🙂

Laying on that bed is something completely different than I’ve ever experienced before, even with all my medical history, that’s for sure! It all felt so surreal. The Dr told me it feels like a smear…. To which I was like IVE NEVER HAD ONE! Haha but it was all good, we saw the little blasto pop out of the catheter and at the end the nurse gave me a hug. They showed us our perfect little blastocyst but we couldn’t get a pic 😦

It all felt so personal, so organised & laid back. It was a complete experience & the staff are just amazing. Whether or not we are successful they’ll be getting something as a thank you.

So I’m officially PUPO & officially in the 2WW. Now I have to try to keep my mind occupied until 12th September!!



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