Transfer day confirmation

So I got the call! All 9 embies have grown just how they like so blastocyst transfer is going ahead. Embryologist has scheduled me in for transfer at 11am on Sunday. How on earth do you get a ‘comfortably full bladder?! But that’s what I have to have anyway!!

Now I’m panicking because we need to go food shopping and OH doesn’t drive just yet so we rely on my mum who’s at work until Sunday! Noooooo! We will work something out I’m sure.

I feel like I need to wear some lucky socks or something on Sunday?! Does anyone else do that?! Haha


2 thoughts on “Transfer day confirmation

    • marie says:

      Thank you! And thank you for the tip too. Isn’t it funny that we say they’re lucky socks, lucky underwear etc. hopefully your next lot of socks are truly lucky! X


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