Embryo Transfer will be sooner than we think

So I went for my endometrium lining scan yesterday, they scanned me a day earlier than they should and said although everything is exactly how it should be at this point, at 6.7mm it isn’t thick enough. They emphasised that there’s nothing wrong it’s just that they scanned me a day early. So they said my donor was having a scan today, that they would call me to tell me the next steps afterwards. So I got the call!!! 

She has 20 follicles, which I’m told is a really good number as about 80% make it to ‘eggs’ and then they can obviously be fertilised etc. the nurse said that it’s highly likely – good few will go to blastocyst stage as there will be a few getting fertilised…. And also said that all going well with her collection on Tuesday & obviously over the 5 days, my transfer will be on Sunday. SUNDAY!!!! WHAT!!! I wasn’t expecting it to be this quick, and all I’m thinking is ‘this time next week I’ll be getting excited, nervous, and not being able to sleep! ‘ ahhhh! So does anyone have any tips? Anything they’d definitely take, anything they’d do differently if they had another transfer?! I have no idea what to expect! We are actually doing this. 

This isn’t real!!


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