Down Regulation complete!

so I had my down regulation scan today. I had to come alone because Jon couldn’t get the time off. I’m never nervous with him there, without him I’m a wreck! Had my first stirrups experience. Does anyone feel like a beached whale when they get their legs up into them? Lol but nurses said my lining and ovaries look perfect to what they should be whoop! 

My donor is there for her scan tomorrow so they’ll be calling me tomorrow with instructions on what to do next.

I am beyond excited!!!

I’ll leave you all with a ‘you know you’re doing donor egg IVF/ICSI when your dressing table looks like this’ pic

Sharps box, Buserelin and thovaline to heal the needle marks! My needles & antiseptic wipes were there but my OH was getting them out the bag for me!


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