Buserelin updates

So I thought that I would do a post with a daily update to my down regulation scan on the 4th August, to see if I get any more symptoms from day 4 of injecting my Buserelin (Suprecur)

Day 4 – Injection hurt as Buserelin was pushed in today. I think it may be because I did it on my right side and although I am well equipped with fat (to put it nicely!) I can’t pinch much there, I can only inject in about a 2 inch area below my belly button anyway due to my stretch marks. The overall ‘area’ was quite crampy/sore immediately after injection, felt more towards my ovaries. Then I felt a bit stitchy. Not had that previous days! I am unbelievably hungry, although I feel bloated! I probably ate half a tub of Ben n Jerrys last night, after having my tea! I had a big bowl of coco pops this morning and all I can think about is eating today. I have read online that a couple of people have felt hungry on Buserelin.Not good when my BMI is 30! I want to be as slim as I can for the health of a possible baby, but I guess I can’t do much about it now!
I am tired. I woke up pretty bloomin’ moody! I don’t want to know anyone today, and kind of can’t be bothered with the world and just want to go back to bed. I’ll try to be as nice as possible at work…. :/

Day 5 – Feeling a TINY bit more awake today, no doubt that’ll change by lunch time. A lot more bloated! I actually felt fat sitting at my dressing table today. My abdomen where i’m injecting aches today, like my muscle aches a bit. The injection hurt more too. I think I may have injected close to my day 1 injection where I bruised so maybe I just caught a tender bit of skin. Still nothing major though and i’m still looking forward to tomorrows! I do feel ‘angrier’ today…. I hope it doesn’t get worse haha! ……annnnnnddd the tears have started! My dad started talking about life & going places, doing things and making it worthwhile & I had to hold back a massive amount of tears! I wouldn’t normally get emotional over that, but it really set me off-doh! He also told me I’m going to be an amazing mum, I laughed and said I’d be a moody mum and he said ‘no, no…. I mean it you would be a really amazing mum’ coming from my dad (I’m not close to him at all) it means everything to me and I welled up!

Day 6- not much more symptom wise! I’m REALLY bloated after each meal though.

Day 7- SO HUNGRY! I have eaten 1,100 calories before the BBQ I’m going to later! Well plus the cookie I’ve just had-oops! I feel like I actually want to saw OHs head off. Everything he says, everything he does just annoys me. Poor man 😦 he’s done nothing! I am SO emotional. I don’t want to talk to anyone & just want to hide under my duvet all day. Not feeling a BBQ at all 😦

Day 8- My needle wouldn’t go in! It actually wouldn’t go into my stomach I jabbed and pushed but nope! Had to change the area. Strange!! Bloated to high heaven! Probably all the food I ate yesterday haha and today I haven’t stopped either! Back to calorie counting tomorrow. Feel less emotional today.

Day 9 – Woke up less emotional than I have felt for a good few days, yay! Still really bloated! Calorie counted today, hopefully better tomorrow. Acne on my face, not sure if that’s a side effect?! But also have really dry skin/lips. **TMI** Just as I was worrying about not having the bleed I’m supposed to have, I’m beginning to enjoy chocolate again (oops!) and I think it’s on it’s way woo! Means the injections are working 🙂

Day 10 –  Bleed has definitely started! I feel both relief and PAIN! Oh the pain…. I usually get day 1 cramps that are pretty bad (usually take Mefenamic Acid) but these are up a notch. I have no painkillers on me because I didn’t have any cramps this morning, so i’m going to have to run to the shops on my lunch to pick up some paracetamol & hope it helps. Might just buy a ton of crisps and chocolate for comfort too. Just kidding. I wouldn’t. Well, I dunno, I probably would. I GOT ASKED FOR ID TO BUY PARACETAMOL! Words cannot describe how much I was like “eh? I can choose to buy a house & have DEIVF to raise a child, injecting myself every day, but I’m not old enough to buy pain killers for said treatment without proving my age?!” I had to giggle!

Day 11- Hunger has gone, moodiness has gone….Still emotional!

Day 12- moodiness is back :O

Day 13- bloating is so much better. I’m starving still. And I just want chocolate and salt!! And the acne. I have the worst spot breakout ever!! Not sure if buserelin is the culprit?!

Day 14- not much! Still starving.

Day 15 – MASSIVE headache.

Day 16 – Still woke up with a headache. I really don’t want to have to take painkillers so trying to stay as quiet as I can at work. Doesn’t happen whilst working both in reception & admin & accounts but i’m trying! Down reg scan tomorrow i’m a bag of nerves!

Days 17 to 20 – Nothing much, really hungry & really bloated.
From day 20- All symptoms still here! Not AS bloated, really just craving salt and sugar & I have hot flushes. Think i’ll call it a day on recording symptoms as I won’t be getting any new ones 🙂


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