Day 3 Buserelin

So it’s day 3! The injections are SO EASY. I kind of look forward to doing it in the morning- is that weird? I think I will miss doing them, but then hopefully I’ll have other medication etc to be dealing with 🙂
Symptom-wise, I don’t think I have experienced too much yet! I mean, I have been in and out of the menopause since I was 16, so I’m not new to all the symptoms at all. But at the minute I’ve had no hot flushes, no headaches, no dizziness. I know now I have said that I will get every symptom I possibly can! I did originally draft this post this morning saying I felt a teeny bit bloated…. but this afternoon I just want to take my leggings off it’s quite bad after eating a salad! I hope it doesn’t get worse because I just cannot cope with feeling bloated at all. I’m pretty tired. Even on day 1 I was ready for bed by 8.30, and i’m sat at my desk now at 2pm and i’m ready for bed again. I think I’m a tiny bit short with my OH. Not to the point where he notices (I hope!) as I’m trying to stay as happy as I can, but I just think I’m a bit like ‘duh- read my mind’ when I know that’s just impossible so I do quickly try to shrug it off. I also don’t have much time in my head for people at work, I don’t want chit chat (well I don’t usually anyway but today i’m more “I will actually tell you to shut up if you start chatting”) I’m usually a complete cow at that time of the month so this is the symptom I am dreading because I feel awful for doing it!

So that’s day 3 nearly over! Counting down the days until my down reg scan on the 4th, which my OH can’t come to so i’m going it alone 😦


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