Day One Buserelin – IVF/ICSI cycle

So today is the day! I start my Buserelin today. Not going to lie I was totally pooing my pants last night. I hate needles, as I’m sure anyone does, so it just feels like a massive thing for me!

My OH asked me to wake him (only cause I was all like oh it’s okay for you thinking ‘you get on with what you have to do’ haha!) but I decided to do my injections at about 7.30am each day & I feel mean waking him up at that time on a Sunday, so I didn’t.

I’m no newbie to drawing needles and injecting, I used to regularly give my dog his diabetes injections so I do know how to do it, so when I came to do mine it didn’t feel alien to me! 

I thought I’d be all I’m gonna do it, wait wait I’m not ready, yep do it now, no no no wait! But nope, I held it like a pen, 90deg angle, deep breath and injected. Now I don’t remember being told to leave the needle in for a couple seconds after all the injection goes in, but I’ve developed a teeny rash around the injection site which I’m guessing may be because I pulled out too soon. So will try leaving it a little bit tomorrow.
Mummies little helper here!! She looks so proud?! 

And me…. Make up from last night because I fell asleep (oops!) and feeling a bit nervous!

Needless (no pun intended!) to say I am so so proud of myself for doing this, we ALL should be. To want something so much that we are willing to self inject each day even though we have issues with needles is a major thing, and something we should be so so proud of ourselves for because we want this more than anything.

Obviously no symptoms as of yet! But I will keep updating as I get them 🙂 



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